15+ Best Breakfast Nook Ideas

Breakfast nook ideas

It is easier when you find the best of breakfast nook ideas in one place. So, we tried our best to help you with this collection of breakfast nook ideas.

Whether it is for breakfast and quick meals, or for longer meetings, the possibility of locating an area in which to eat in your house entails numerous advantages that should not be underestimated. And it saves time, space and money it is always a good idea.

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gorgeous breakfast nook table and bench near the window.

We are going to give you a few ideas so that you can have a breakfast nook in your house.

Typically separate from the rest of the kitchen and close to windows, breakfast nook offers homeowners a quiet place to enjoy in the morning, reading, or just enjoy the view. Building a breakfast nook does not need too much effort. Create a cozy corner by placing a table with chairs near a window or a table and bench. A breakfast area adds charm and practicality to any house.

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You will have to measure the available space in order to find the best option. If you do not know what may be the best option for you! We propose a few ideas so you can have a breakfast nook in few meters. A breakfast bar, a folding table or a bench can be a great idea.

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The tables

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Beautiful & simple breakfast nook set

If you have a few meters to create your nook we recommend a round table, which makes better use of the space. For four people should have a diameter of about 76 centimeters.
Always take into account that a table for four requires a space of between 4 and 6 m2.

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Corner breakfast nook idea

Breakfast nook ideas in the kitchen

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A table attached to the kitchen island can also be very practical, as do the seats in L shape, which double the seats and take advantage of the angle. Another option is to extend the worktop to have a breakfast bar, stowing the stools underneath when not in use.

Bay Window Nook

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Use the area in front of an existing bay window to create a sunny breakfast nook. install a bench and table or place a kitchen table in front of the window.

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Wall Mounted Table

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Mount a table against the wall by removing the legs from one side of the table then attaching strong hinges and securing the hinges to the rails in the wall. Wall-mounted tables must be attached to wall brackets for support. Build or buy benches as compliment table design.

A bar in the kitchen

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If you have little space in the kitchen add a bar that goes from wall to wall, this way you can have an additional space where you can have breakfast in comfort without having to soil other areas of the house. The material you choose for this kitchen bar will depend on your tastes and the decoration of your kitchen. It can be marble, granite, wood, etc.

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Bench Nook

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Building a bench breakfast nook creates an intimate and practical space separate from the central kitchen. Build the benches with alternate cover to clean the benches easily.

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You can also opt for folding, removable or camouflage tables in the kitchen. In addition, it is best that you choose for folding chairs or stackable stools. Of course, it is better to choose them with a little back and with a bar to support the feet.


The best location

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To be more practical, the breakfast nook should be located away from the cooking zone. Of course, you have to keep in mind that to move the chairs it is necessary to have 70 centimeters behind them and that the legs, folded, need, at least, a bottom of about 35 centimeters.

Other tips

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Finally, we recommend that you choose lamps of intensity and height adjustable; you choose materials easy to clean.

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We advise you to choose the seats according to the height of the table (about 25 cm below it).


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