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Rustic Wall Decor

When you think of rustic wall decor, what’s the first thing that pops-up to your mind? Personally, I think of rustic wood wall art, especially that I admire a farmhouse wall decor that’s sentenced with wooden portraits and gallery walls. These first thoughts are the overall ideas which define a rustic decor.


Let me introduce you and inspire you with an exclusive collection of improved rustic wall decoration ideas that will stand a lifetime of innovation living room decor.

Rustic wall decor ideas

Rustic Wood Wall Paneling

Well, even if you are adding touches of metal, copper in your simple innovation plan, you must let a space for wooden material. Wood is considered the base of rustic decor. So think paneling your rustic wall, give it a touch of wood accent wall pallets. See the pictures and tell me what you think about this idea.

rustic wall pallets rustic wall decor authentic ideas

It is more about shabby chic decor and wood than it is about pallets you know…

Bedroom rustic wall pallet design
rustic wooden wall decor - wall paneling
Rustic wall decor lavish ideas

Rustic Wood Wall Decor

Every homeowner sure loves a touch of rustic wall art decor at least in one room of the house. The rustic wall decor ideas are everywhere, but barely any of which you see covers a whole living or bedroom rustic farmhouse decoration. Let’s see together some surefire rustic wood wall ideas below:

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rustic home decor ideas and rustic wall decor
rustic wall decor styles

Barn Wood Wall Hangings

Your living room rustic wall decor should be missing one of these wood hangings if you do not consider having some. Grab interest in your walls, benefit of the variations of possible rustic materials and uniquely combine them. Show off your designer inner self and go wild with your home decoration. and take a look at this living room decoration ideas to get inspired.

rustic wall decor
Rustic wall art decor hangings
rustic decoration


Rustic metal decor

Rustic Metal Wall Art

The wooden flavors never lose its charm in any house decor., especially rustic decor. But the rustic metal wall decor has its influence on the rest of the house, more though if you are thinking about large rustic wall decor. Metals could be the perfect choice for you. Check these pictures and give me your opinion!

metal rustic wall decor

As you can see, the metal rustic material can be a huge addition besides the wooden stuff. Although wood could sometimes be more of a cheap rustic decor for those with low budgets. I would recommend you to adopt at least one piece of rustic wrought iron or metal amongst other cheap rustic ideas. By the speak of recommendations, check the below section so you can really bring the rustic theme into your house properly.

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Rustic Bathroom Decor

When you consider updating your house decor into rustic, it’s likely unfair to forget about the bathroom. To properly bring the rustic decor spirit to every corner in your house, you should spread the rustic vibes everywhere.

You should decide on how many rustic elements you want your bathroom to cover. You don’t want to crowd a small place or chop space of a large one. Also, consider matching the bathroom decor style with your house interior rustic theme. So you should match the material and colors of every detail.

Take a look at these simple rustic decor ideas and send me your feedback! Don’t forget to follow our facebook page for more inspiration. We have instant replies!


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