Cube Bookshelf: Best Cube Shelving Types And Design Ideas

Cube bookshelf

The cube bookshelf is designed as a smart and modern alternative to ordinary libraries. These cubes are compact and suitable for indoor spaces of all shapes. As a result, it is often used to replace conventional libraries. this cool bookshelf designs will help you to get inspired to have the best one.


cool cube bookshelf               

Cube bookshelf is a smart and practical idea for those who need a library. the choices for the cube bookshelf is wide.

cube shelving materials

you can choose on the wall type, the traditional cube shelves, and the individual shelves to be put, by themselves, composed of several floors, or to assemble in the form of geometric shapes, other forms of cube shelves exist and the possibilities are endless!


Cube bookcases

elegant cube bookshelf

Cube bookcases are the kind that you can customize by purchasing several cubes to create a grand cube shelf or keep it with one or two cubes to be smaller to a certain extent.

cube bookshelf ideas

Different models are available in other cube sizes so choose the product carefully to determine how many cubes you might want. it can also stack, so you can create a floor to ceiling shelves.

Cube shelving

new cube bookshelf

Cube shelving is available in a wide variety of types. It can be some cube-shaped designed to be hung on the walls and contain small objects or an entire cube shelving system that will provide some space for storage from the floor to the ceiling. The cubes could be made of several materials, such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic.

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cube bookshelf amazon

Some cube shelves made to be used at the vertical and horizontal position, so you can place them standing vertically or horizontally sideways.


cube bookshelf doors

Some cube storage units contain doors which shut out some or all of the cube shelves. While this is not popular type but, they exist.

Modular cube shelves

cube bookshelf ikea

The best thing about this type is that you can buy the number of cube sections that you need to create the shelf you want.



cube bookshelf amazon

This type refers to individual shelves that can be customized. It is not very common but it is considered as one of the best cube bookshelves. They can be shaped into columns and they are very practical for decorating a wall in the living room.


Here are some of the materials that used to make the cube shelves


colored cube bookshelf

Plastic cube shelves tend to be modular, individual unit with rounded corners. These can be used individually in a room or combined. Often, this kind of lightweight cube can be hung on the wall and stacked on two or three others on the floor as a small bookcase. The cubes could be installed side-by-side.

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cube bookshelf styles

Wooden cube shelves are more formal than plastic types. Some of the wooden shelves are designed to be used as modular lockers, either as tables or stacked to create a high storage unit.

elegant cube bookshelf

Other types of wood cubes intended for use as tables may have mobile feet added to the bottoms.


cool cube bookshelf

Metal cubes have various colors. These shelves can be light or dark tinted. Metal cube shelf systems are usually silver-plated or covered in white plastic.

Transparent material

cube bookshelf glass

If you will use the cube shelving in a small interior as one of small living room ideas.try to use cubes in transparent materials like glass or polycarbonate and it will give you a light effect in your small room. Cube shelving styles can be ideal for small flats, as well as for anyone on a limited furniture budget.

Light tips

decorating cube bookshelf
  • Wall shelves are less solid than conventional shelves. It is therefore imperative not to overload them.
  • A wall shelf can not be placed anywhere! Make sure it does not block the opening of a door or window. Also, pay attention to the place of passage.
  • They must be coordinated or matched to the decoration of the room. You can put wall shelves of the same wood or the same color as your furniture.



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