Best Flower Pot Ideas With Latest Front Door Flower Pots

Using decorating flower pot ideas at home is a great way to create a warm, comfortable and welcoming house.

If you want your home to have these characteristics do not hesitate to include them in your decoration. You can include the flower pot ideas in many different ways such as; Hanging from the ceiling, on the shelf of your windows, distributed on the tables or shelves of your home, etc.

Flower pot ideas

The way of decorating with flower pot ideas will depend on your personal tastes and the style you want to give to your home. Next, we’ll tell you about some of the models of the flower pot to choose the best ones for your home.

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Hanging flower pots ideas

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  • There are very beautiful and decorative cages at the decoration shops that you can use to put pots inside with pretty flowers and hang them wherever you want.
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  • Another option if you do not want to buy is to reuse old cages of birds that you have in your house and restore them to be able to put inside them your beautiful plants. Although you can also think of utensils you have at home to be able to reuse as a pot and turn it into a pendant.

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  • Choose hanging pots of those that are suspended one on top of the others. They look great as if it were a vertical garden with beautiful flowers.
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  • Use wicker basket as a hanging planter is certainly an option because it is very rustic and creates a perfect combination for any type of plants or flowers.

Colored flower pots ideas

When placing flower pots in different areas of the house, do not forget to use a series of pots with pastel colors that help create a colorful environment and give light to the whole house. It is a decorative element that will help you to ensure that optimism is present in all corners of your house.

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best of flower pot ideas

Use pots that are with colorful colors to accentuate the presence of the plants themselves and give the place a natural and special touch. If you have free time and you like the crafts, you can buy smooth pots and decorate them as you want to give a personal touch to them.


On a ladder

A simple and inexpensive technique is to install your flower pots on a ladder. it will not bother you as much as if you have them on a table or on the window sill, this idea will help you to take advantage of the space.

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Recycled flower pot ideas

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If your house has no yard or garden or is too small for you to have large groups of flower pots in a horizontal position, you can use vertical flower pot ideas. and you can take a look at this best fairy garden ideas it will be perfect for you.!

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles that no longer serve you could be used as a flower pot. it will give you perfect use in your vertical garden.

Cultivate the flowers, individually, in each one of them and hang them with ropes on the wall.

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You can also stack these bottles on top of each other to create long tubes that you will attach to the wall and use it to plant some flowers.

Cans flower pots

With elements such as tin cans, paint jars or PVC pipes you can make a nice composition by fixing it to the wall to grow your flowers. this type is perfect and can be used with indoor herb gardens.

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DIY flower pot ideas
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Front door flower pots

The front door of the house is the first contact with our guests. So it is fundamental that we have to decorate it to achieve a first positive impression.

The pots on the door can be very pleasant when approaching a door and see the flowers that are in the pot, with its aroma and the presence of each flower.

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It is an ideal place to make your personal style clear. Today we will show you some decoration alternatives for this important part of our home.

Decorate the front door with flower pots on the sides.  Sometimes a simple flower in a pot is more than enough. Another decorative variant is to match the colors of pots with the door.

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For this, you have to decide what type of front door flower pots you are going to use, such as round pots or, rectangular pots. We need to know what material we want these pots to be, whether they are plastic, clay, fiber cement, cement, wood or whatever you want.


Front door flower pots ideas

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  • Large pots with lemon trees and flowers will be perfect to give a Mediterranean air to the decoration.
  • Pots with plants and flowers and stone are a great combination and look good in any decorative style.

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  • You must ensure that the style of the pots matches the decoration and architectural style of the house.
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  • The pots in baskets can also be hung from the wall or ceiling when you do not have a lot of space on the floor.


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