Home Outdoor 30+ Picket Fence Ideas & Styles – Best White Picket Fences

30+ Picket Fence Ideas & Styles – Best White Picket Fences

30+ Picket Fence Ideas & Styles  – Best White Picket Fences

Picket Fence

Since we are taking care of front, back and lawn landscaping these days. It was the time to remind you of a very old invention that has spread in all the American houses for its functional style. Picket fence keeps your pets/kids inside, secure, and if you don’t have flowers growing through them, you can watch the street from the inside. Today, we’ve brought a very rich gallery of cool picket fences designs and ideas.

white picket fence with blue flowers

Since fences are not a new trend, homeowners have used a variety of picket fences and iron fence styles. We are going to show you some of these variations with which you can make up your mind and set a good plan for your own design. However, don’t forget to set up your fence before any front yard landscaping or plantings like flowers.

arbor picket fences ideas

Picket Fence Ideas

Along with the many styles and ideas we got. The higher the fence is, the higher the price. I suggest you DIY your own panels, it might take effort, but you’ll be fascinated by the result and will save yourself some bucks! However, if you go for pre-built picket fences the price is per panel. So it’s almost $50 to $400 for the 6 to 8 feet length. And that’s only the cost per panel, not the installation!

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Materials to choose from are: Wood, vinyl, iron, metal, aluminum, bamboo, and glass. The most common of these are wood, of course, then comes the vinyl and iron. However wood would have the less quantity at stores.

picket fences ideas - wood and vinyl

Check out different picket fence patterns before confirming your purchases.

scalloped white picket fences

beautiful white picket fences

White Picket Fence Designs

The best thing about vinyl is the many designs and styles are there to choose from along with the less maintenance you get. However, not only it’s more expensive than wood, once the panels are stained, you have to replace the whole fence. Moreover, the entire panel should be removed and replaced if any damage happens!

That’s not the way it goes with wood. You get a naturally beautiful look with less money, easy repair, and simply repaint any stains! The only con of wood is the more effort it takes to maintain it.

cool white picket fences ideas

Your picket fence length should be about three to four feet. If longer it will look like a barricade, and you don’t want that. The lower fence you have the cozier it gets. Since it won’t block the view from outside in or vice versa. The spacing on the other hand, you can widen it up to eight feet if you have standard lightweight panels. However, it’s only a matter of function and self-preferences.

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Cool wooden picket fence

To help you out with your plan I’ve compiled a gallery of different picket fence designs and styles. Privacy fence, ┬ádecorative, dog ear, flat top, and it changes with the various functions. and you can take a look at this awesome DIY patio furniture you will like. So check out the below gallery and don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments!

Picket Fence Designs & Ideas Gallery


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