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Makeup Vanity

You are probably like me, only if you’re used to throwing your makeup everywhere, and started feeling like you’ve created an endless mess in your bedroom or/and bathroom. As a woman, I know that our bathroom drawers, the bottom of every purse we have, also sometimes our car seats (underneath) happen to be an occasional graveyard for our makeup products. Most likely to be worth if you are a mom. Since it probably your millionth time investing in some beauty product, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place that organizes it all and let you see every product you have in one time? If you are thinking the same, then you probably need these makeup vanity ideas as much as I do.

makeup vanity small table for small places

Makeup table for small places

As long as we wanted to adopt our very own dressing table, our thoughts are followed by the horrifying idea that it might crowd the bedroom and that we might have no place to carry a makeup table. Whereas you can have a small vanity table that does its job and could actually add a certain elegance to a small place instead of a blank corner.

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makeup vanity small places ideas

I can give you some examples of creatively styling a makeup desk into small places right away. But still, you will have to carry the burden of molding those bedroom vanity ideas to your own space/bedroom theme and style. According to what works best for you.

Here’s one interesting idea…

This homeowner has made nothing extraordinary, only good thinking her bedroom space! She used two shelves with a mirror and baskets instead of drawers and Walla! She made her own vanity set and made no crowd in a small room. Instead, It made a more functional look and more used space. Personally, I’m planning something similar for my bedroom.

DIY makeup vanity ideas

The best places to put a makeup vanity set is where a dead corner lies. It doesn’t help in giving more visual space being empty nor it does it give any function to the room. So Let’s invest in a dead corner and give it some vanity desk flavor.

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diy white makeup vanity table
  • The first thing you need to figure is which corner you want to decorate.
  • The second thing is how much reach you can invest into that corner and how will it affect the bedroom space. – Knowing the type of makeup table you should use.
  • In case you’re wondering about the budget, well, these ideas don’t require a purchase. The best thing about a makeup dresser is that you can find the material around your house, it’s just a matter of repurposing!
  • Repurpose an old office into a modern vanity table.
  • Another stylish and functional idea is to DIY a makeup vanity table with lighted mirror. Attach lights to your makeup mirror and show me your results.
diy makeup table simple ideas
from white makeup vanity

See the gallery for more makeup table inspiration ideas and pin your favorite ideas for later!



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