How To Make A Blanket for This Winter Easily

How To Make A Blanket

Everyone has their preferred blanket for snuggling up in the lounge on a cold day, but few make their customized blankets. Sew or knit your personalized blanket or make keepsake blankets to give as gifts to friends and family that they’ll cherish forever. Choose a style and think How To Make A Blanket and start crafting your way to a cozy creation, DIY blanket easy.

Baby, it’s cold outside. One thing I prefer to do on a cold winter day is grasping up under an afghan with a cup of tea. Even if it’s sunnier where you are, a pretty crocheted afghan adds powerful character to any place. In that tutorial, as part of the Crochet Basics range, you’ll discover how to make a traditional granny square. I’ll also show you whereby you can join your granny squares to create a comfortable afghan of your own!

Winter Must-Have The Coziest Blanket Ever

Do you see yourself swinging up from the frigid winter morning each day? Grandma has set to illustrate the pioneer of the comfortable blankets the society has ever seen. With these soft blankets, you will never be cold again.

Started sewing these thickset wool blankets with her firearms. Her arm-knitting method and final product matched such a hit that she determined to turn it into a business. These cloud-like blankets are manufactured out of 100% Merino wool, which is exceptionally soft and unimaginably light. The blankets will not only keep you astonishingly warm but will also turn your house into a P interest lovers dream; with its chic and minimalist look, this piece is an interior must-have!

Once her blankets became a hit, she ventured into creating jumpers and scarves that will keep you warm and bright through the dark, frosty day at work.  For DIY enthusiasts who want to knit their blankets, scarves, or sweaters, she also provides state-of-the-art needles and imperial balls of Merino wool yarn along with a few useful tips. Sounds like a fantastic Christmas gift for your loved ones!

Her chunky blankets come in a variety of different shades including yellow, pink, blue, gray, white, and green. The blankets come in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. Considering the quality of the blankets, my grandma has priced her products reasonably.

DIY Blankets

A beautiful, warm, knitted blanket pairs perfectly with a good book on a cold night…
How To Make A Blanket is a long-term project, but you can knit some as and when you have the time and inclination. Plus, when it’s finished, the sense of achievement will make it all worthwhile!

Method 1Patch Blanket

  1. Learn How To Make A Blanket, to knit, cast on and cast off if you do not know how. You might also find it helpful to learn to purl.How To Make A Blanket - Knit Blankets Step 1
  2. Choose the size of the patches. About 5 or 6 inches (12.7 or 15.2 cm) is a pretty good size – big enough to get stuck into the knitting, and quick enough that your blanket will start to look interesting quickly!How To Make A Blanket - Knit Blankets Step 2
  3. Choose the size of the blanket, and work out how many squares full it will be.How To Make A Blanket - Knit Blankets Step 3
  4. Start knitting your squares. Try to unite them as close to your chosen size as possible to make assembly easier. Use any wool/yarn that you like the look of – you can use leftover thread, you can experiment with stripes or different kinds of stitches. Bear in mind that your blanket will look best if there’s no reverse side – be thoughtful about using purl stitch.How To Make A Blanket - Knit Blankets Step 4
  5. When you have enough squares, sew them together side by side to make one row. When you reach this stage, you will see how important it is to get the size of the squares as accurate as possible – mismatched sizes can result in odd bunching textures.How To Make A Blanket - Knit Blankets Step 5
  6. Knit and assemble another row, and sew the two longer sides together.How To Make A Blanket - Knit Blankets Step 6
  7. Keep going! Each time you finish a row, attach it to the previous row. Eventually, you can stop when your blanket is as long as you’d like it to be.How To Make A Blanket - Knit Blankets Step 7
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Method 2Plain blanket

  1.  Cast on 150 stitches.How To Make A Blanket - Plain Blankets Step 1
  2. Work the garter stitch for about 2″.How To Make A Blanket - Plain Blankets Step 2
  3.  Knit 20, purl 110, knit 20.How To Make A Blanket - Plain Blankets Step 3
  4.  Knit 20, knit 110, knit 20.How To Make A Blanket - Plain Blankets Step 4
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until piece measures just under the length desired.How To Make A Blanket - Plain Blankets Step 5
  6. Knit for about 2″ more.How To Make A Blanket - Plain Blankets Step 6
  7. Cast off.How To Make A Blanket - Plain Blankets Step 7

Method 3: Striped Blanket

  1.  Cast on 20 stitches, more for a faster afghan, less for a harder.How To Make A Blanket - Striped Blanket - Step 1
  2.  Knit desired width of the blanket, cast off.How To Make A Blanket - Striped Blanket - Step 2
  3. Repeat steps 1-2, alternating between colors until you have enough for the whole blanket, about ten stripes (more or less depending if you change the needles and stripes’ width).How To Make A Blanket - Striped Blanket - Step 3
  4. Sew stripes together (make sure that when you sew them together that they are straight, else your blanket will be crooked).How To Make A Blanket - Striped Blanket - Step 4
  5. Add fringes (optional).How To Make A Blanket - Striped Blanket - Step 5

Advice Tip on How To Make A Blanket: For making a large blanket, use circular needles. It’s the only way to make sure you don’t lose stitches when making something with a lot of them. You can use a 36″ to 40″ circular needle for making shawls or large blankets. They can have more than 500 stitches on them before you’re finished. Use a 60″ for making circular shawls, round tablecloths, and large blankets. 

DIY Throw Blanket

Even with the warm fall we’ve been enjoying, that seasonal chill is in the air– the grab the blankets and a coffee and cuddle in front of the fireplace kind of chill. I’m always cold, even in summer, so our house is strewn with throw blankets.

I add a few each year, and it never seems to be enough! Each family member has their favorite; I decided to grab a few yards and see what I could do.

After some measuring, cutting, and quick sewing we had our very own DIY throw blanket to fight over.How To Make A Blanket - DIY Throw Blanket

Seriously, feast your eyes on these goodies, though I bet they carry them at most fabric stores. So many great patterns to choose from, I couldn’t decide which ones to get. Which means I got all the patterns.How To Make A Blanket - Decide which Blanket to get

There are two ways to How To Make A Blanket jazz up this simple blanket, and I included them both here. Skipping those steps makes this even more comfortable and quicker, perfect for homemade gifting or building a stack for your entire family. Without the painted stripes, this throw blanket would take under an hour to go.How To Make A Blanket - Simple Blanket

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One way I made this extra blanket fancy was making it double sided since I couldn’t possibly choose just one fabric to use. If you want a thinner version to skip that step and just hem the edges to give it a finished look.How To Make A Blanket - DIY Reversible Throw Blanket

The other way I added to it was by using fabric paint to add in stripes. This was my way of making a DIY throw blanket. You could also add a red cross to make a vintage-looking army blanket. So many ways to pimp your blanket.

Full disclosure, I am not a seamstress. My skill level is at about the fifth-grade level. In other words, if I can do this ANYONE (even your 5th grader) can too. And they will probably do it better.


2.25 yards of flannel fabric for EACH SIDE (I used 2.25 yards of each pattern, so 4.5 yards of fabric total)


Sewing machine

Fabric scissors


Fabric paint medium (optional)

Craft paint (optional)

Painter’s tape (optional)

Measuring tape (optional)


For How To Make A Blanket Painted Stripes: Follow the instructions to mix the fabric paint medium with the craft paint (usually it’s two parts paint to 1 part medium). Place three pieces of painter’s tape the desired distance apart, making sure to keep them level. Paint in between the tape to create two stripes– use a ‘dry brush’ method and dabbing motion, so it doesn’t leak under the tape. Let dry. For darker lines apply two coats of paint, I liked the distressed, vintage look of just one layer. Once baked remove tape.How To Make A Blanket - How to paint on fabric

Step 1. Set the two pieces of material mutually, Reverse Tops Standing Down. Clasp the ends together, sitting room to stitch your union.

Step 2. Stitch a closure nearly all the way nearby, giving about half a side free to provide some room when you turn it clean side out. Before you turn it right side out, cut extra material around the edges; I left about 1/4 of an iota excess fabric and clipped off the rest. Turn right side out, taking responsibility to perform surely your corners are pushed all the way out and look excellent.

Step 3. Now you’re going to add a topstitch around the edge of the blanket. This will give it a finished look as well as secure that .5 of a side that still needs to be hemmed. First, you’ll want to invert the seam that needs to be hemmed and pin it. It should now look like the rest of the edges but without stitches.How To Make A Blanket - Sew DIY Throw Blanket

NOW, you have learned How To Make A Blanket. Go ahead and sew a topstitch around the edges, when you come to the unfinished section it will naturally blend into the rest once it’s topstitched. Doesn’t that edge look amazing?

Step 4. That’s it; you’re done! Now go snuggle!How To Make A Blanket - Seams Reversible DIY Throw Blanket

Oh boy. I’m going to want some extra blankets.

Suggest your guidance if you’re a throw blanket parents too. If not, it’s never more too late to bounce on the blanket train. Now get stitching!


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