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What You Need To Know Before Installing A Water Heater

What You Need To Know Before Installing A Water Heater

The winter season has just begun, which means that residents of Melbourne and Fitzroy should already have their heating solutions up and running, prepared to warm their homes and offices. Included in this is a water heater, to make sure that the water you need every day isn’t ice cold as it leaves the taps. Is it long past time to get a new water heater installation?

In winter, you’ll need a hot shower to warm you up for the day ahead, or to help you get through the icy nights. There are also tasks that we all do every day that require hot water, such as cooking, cleaning and laundry. What do you do if your water heater doesn’t function the way it used to? Here’s everything you need to know about installing a new water heater.

How Do You Know If You Need A New Water Heater?

How do you know if the time has come for a new water heater? You certainly don’t want it to stop functioning when you’re not in a position to replace it, or worse, mid-shower. If you know that your water heater is old, then there’s a higher risk of an impending malfunction.

For example, if the water heater has been in your home since before you bought the house, you might want to have it inspected. If your hot water is contaminated with rust, then that means that the system is rusting and could prove to affect your health adversely. In addition, if you have been having trouble with the tank of a conventional water heater and experiencing corrosion, leaks or cracks, it might be time to look at getting a new water heater installed.


What To Consider When Getting A Replacement Water Heater

When you find the right water heater, you’ll enjoy more than just hot water coming out of your taps. You will also enjoy lower energy bills and a water heater that lasts longer than your previous unit. If you want these benefits to become a daily occurrence in your home, here are five critical factors to consider to ensure that you make the right choice.

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  • What Are Your Needs?

Everyone needs hot water, but your hot water requirements might be different from someone else. Do you cook often? Do you do your laundry at home, or do you use a laundromat service nearby instead? How many people live in your home? Before you commit to installing a water heater, you should first think about what your needs are. For example, if you live alone, you shouldn’t get a bigger water heater, because your energy bills would increase from warming more water than one person needs.


  • What Type Of Water Heater Is Best?

There’s a wide range of water heaters available these days, which means that you shouldn’t have buyer’s remorse if you’re careful with your purchasing choice. You can now choose between conventional water heaters and tankless, solar powered, indirect and tankless coil water heaters. A tankless water heater is more efficient and cheaper to buy than other models; however, it costs more to install. Do the research, and find the model that you’re most happy with before you get it installed.


  • Energy Efficiency

Are you tired of paying too much money toward your energy bills? Fortunately, you could kill two birds with one stone if you install a new water heater. Most models are more efficient when it comes to heating water, and will cost less in energy every quarter. You can even install a solar-powered water heater, which uses less fuel to heat the water, and reduces costs and your carbon footprint at the same time.


  • Fuel Type

Along with different sizes and energy efficiency capabilities, you can also choose how you’d prefer to power your water heater. The most commonly used water heaters today use electricity and gas; however, you might have to find a repair service specific to your fuel type of your choice should you need your unit repaired.


  • The Size Of The Water Heater
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A water heater installation isn’t a quick job. Before you buy the first water heater that you find, you should first do the necessary research required. You don’t want to buy a water heater that’s too big, or too small for what your daily needs are. Besides, before you have the heater installed, you’ll need to get a contractor to inspect your home.

A contractor will take measurements to determine if the space for your new water heater can accommodate the size that you want. If you choose the wrong size, your energy efficiency will become compromised and might result in a more expensive water heater replacement to install the correct sized unit. You want to be able to accommodate your needs and the requirements of others who’ll be using it.

Why Call Butler Plumbing?

Fortunately, Butler Plumbing can assist you in the process of getting a new water heater installed. Operating in Fitzroy and Melbourne, Butler Plumbing is your water heating solution. We’ll provide valuable advice on which size is best for you, how to save on energy bills, and what kind of fuel will work for you best as well.

Providing you with much-needed peace of mind, we supply, maintain, install and repair water heaters of all kinds. Whether you want to power it with electricity or gas, we can assist. With various types of models on offer, we’ll help you choose the best heater that suits your requirements. When it comes to the installation, we can perform the measurements ourselves, or recommend a professional and trusted contractor for a second opinion.


No longer will you have to deal with an outdated water heater. You won’t have to worry about your energy costs, water leaks or contaminated water. If you do your research, you can prepare yourself, the other occupants in your Fitzroy or Melbourne home and your wallet, for the installation of the best water heater your money can buy. Call Butler Plumbing today for a quote.


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