Beautiful DIY Easter Crafts For Kids 2018

Easter Crafts

kids waiting the Easter year after year for a beautiful demonstration such as Easter egg decorating ideas with beautiful colors, Easter bunny cake decorate with dazzling forms, yummy Easter desserts ideas,  play, have fun and celebrate in this day, it is a fun time for children in an atmosphere of spring flowers and beautiful air breezes.
And don’t forget the importance of Easter crafts ideas for kids for their amusement, creative and vital for made of the best and most beautiful crafts ideas in the form of a rabbit, a carrot, egg, nest or chick … Etc
And with the near the Easter day parents looking for a craft ideas characteristic and interesting for their children and today we present and worth ideas to get new ideas and just beautiful, all you do is follow up the article to the end and you will find what you are looking for of course and one of the ideas to suit you:

Easter Crafts For Kids

The first idea of the day: candy chocolate Easter egg:
This year if you wanted out of the ordinary for Easter egg ideas, we suggest this idea. chocolate Easter egg is very simple. You can delight your children and your small family with like this idea.
In this case, we have the Easter egg filled with candy or baked goods or other items as desired. You can submit them on Easter breakfast with ice cream or fresh fruit.
And now here are the simple steps that you can get a fantastic chocolate egg:

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400 g chocolate you prefer
Dessert, fresh fruit, ice cream, cake, or Marshmallows

the steps:
1-washes the balloons and dried well Then inflate to the size that you want
2. melt the chocolate in a large pot on the fire
3. remove the chocolate from the heat and let it cool a few minutes
4. transfer the melted chocolate to a large bowl enough to submerge the balloons easily

easy easter crafts for kids
5. prepare chocolate all to put Butter paper after finishing up can be stored in the refrigerator
6. pour a tablespoon of chocolate on a Butter paper and spread lightly to form a base for eggs
7. submerge the balloon in a chocolate one at a time, several times to form one or more layers, let drain and place it on the prepared base.

easte egg craft idea
8. proceed the same way with other balloons until the end of the chocolate.

cute easter ideas for kids
9. keep the balloons in the freezer until frozen chocolate
10. Finally, extract the chocolate and make a small hole in the top of the balloon gently so as not to cause an explosion and rupture of the chocolate.
11. the attraction of balloons from the bottom
Now you have a means of filling Easter eggs on egg shape as required and you can put what you want from the sweet to the kids.

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easy easter crafts ideas

Now review with you some other simple easter craft ideas for Easter you can apply with your kids and enjoy:


cute crafts for kids
Funny craft idea for easter


diy crafts for kids
Fingerprint of foot draws idea for easter

diy easter crafts


easter carrot crafts

easter crafts for kids

easter crafts

easter mask for kids


easy easter diy ideas

kids crafts

kids easter crafts

If you have other creative craft ideas for Easter wish to join us, we wait you 🙂


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