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DIY Coat Rack Ideas With Pictures

DIY Coat Rack Ideas With Pictures

If you live in a small house where there is no room for a dressing room, walk-in closet or big wardrobe, then you have to think of some alternative ways of dealing with this problem. You can hang your clothes using one of the following coat rack ideas which will include some DIY coat rack ideas.

Coat rack ideas

amazing coat rack ideas

The coat rack is one of the indispensable household objects, yet finding one that really satisfies us often becomes a difficult task. Yet the inspiration is born right in the walls of the house. For example, have you ever thought about recycling a drawer? You can paint it and fix it a series of supports; it will be perfect for hanging scarves and hats, avoiding the mess in the entrance of the house. So, we will try to give you some inspiration by presenting some DIY coat rack ideas that will help you with making your house tidier.

DIY coat rack ideas

DIY coat rack ideas

The idea of making a unique coat rack using creative DIY ideas that will suit your taste and your home decorations is the motive behind writing this article which we hope to be the inspiration for your new coat rack.

In traditional, the coat rack has simple designs but even such a simple design could be constantly improved, change, supplement with new functions and could be turned into an absolutely unusual design.

Tree coat rack

Tree coat rack ideas

A tree poster on the wall is one of the easiest, modern, and inexpensive DIY coat rack ideas you only have to buy a wall sticker (poster) or silhouettes of a tree and use it on the wall and add coat hooks at the end of the branches. This creates a beautiful effect as if the clothes hung on the branches themselves. Choose a striking color that contrasts nicely with the wall color. Or build an original DIY coat rack by using old door handles and drawer knobs instead of hooks. Find vintage door handles on flea markets and shops and design your own unique piece.

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Handles DIY coat rack

Handles DIY coat rack ideas

Collect some old handles and fix them on a wooden support, it will be a perfect coat rack for clothes, but also the right place to hang and show necklaces and jewels. Not sure where to find old handles? The flea markets are full of cheap, unique, old, and modern types of handles, which you can use to give your home a vintage touch.

Spoons and forks coat rack

Spoons and forks coat rack ideas

One of the easiest DIY coat rack ideas is to collect some old spoons and forks, and then fix them on a wooden board and use them as coat hooks. You can fold them and engrave the family names on them before fixing them to a square surface or a wooden board. You can use them as hooks for clothes or as a key ring.

best coat rack ideas

Coat rack ideas for children’s room

best coat rack ideas

Even for the children’s room we could use plastic toys and stuffed toys for a comfortable coat rack or draw cute little animals on a wooden board to which we will attach a hook in place of the tail! It will be cute, funny, and sure will suit the children’s room decoration.

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Steampunk coat rack ideas

Steampunk coat rack ideas

For example, if you want to create a Steampunk flair using coat rack ideas, you are welcome to use more stable materials such as pipes and design a creative coat rack. Just like the furniture in the industrial style, the coat rack will certainly be the hit, which will attract enthusiastic views.

Steampunk coat rack ideas

From a single pipe and two pipe connectors, which you attach to the wall, you can create a piece of art in no time. You just have to decide between using hanger or hook to hang up your jackets and coats. Also, spanners will perfectly fit the coat racks that made from water pipes or hooks from faucet handles.

Pallets coat rack

Pallets coat rack ideas

You can use the much-loved pallets or even the recycled boards to create a beautiful coat rack on the wall that in addition to being decorated with your favorite handles, hooks, and toys. You can use it to furnish the corridor, the children’s room or any environment in which you want to place it.¬†for more smart uses of pallets, you can read our article about how to make a pallet bed.

Final words

DIY coat rack ideas

So the creative and unconventional ways to make a comfortable or unique coat rack are really endless just free your imagination and start looking around to see if you can find something that can suit your home decoration. You can choose from simple hooks to the most imaginative objects to use in your coat rack project. And you can always use a wooden board to be the base which you can fix anything on it.




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