Bedrooms – Things to Keep in Mind While Setting It Up

Your own personal space, a bedroom is where you spend at least a third of your lives. It’s a space which gives you comfort, where you relax, think, read and sleep.  There is nothing like a peaceful and comfortable sleep at the end of a hectic day. So when you are setting up a new home or renovating your current home it’s no surprise that bedrooms occupy the top position on most peoples list.

Setting Up Bedrooms

You could opt for a design and style that reflect who you are and a look that you absolutely love. While trying to create a bedroom that’s stylish or ultra-modern, make sure that you don’t end up creating a showpiece without a soul. The interior of a bedroom does have an impact on getting a proper sleep, so creating a space that’s cozy and pleasant according to your taste would be a great idea.

best interior design ideas for bedrooms

The trends in setting up a modern bedroom are changing by the day but no matter what the trend it’s your private space to unwind and relax so create something that you’ll love. By changing colors, making changes to the lighting and adding new pieces of furniture you can give a new look to your bedroom even on a low budget. Keep these things in mind while creating your dream bedroom.

Budget and a theme

You should always have a budget in mind and plan and work accordingly. Deciding a theme for your room would help you attain a bedroom that looks and feels exactly the way you want it to be. Depending on your personal taste you could choose a theme that gives a traditional look, one with a country vibe, or a modern look.

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Colour choice

Doesn’t matter if you like cool or warm colors, it’s always best to choose colors that give you a feeling of calm and peace. If you’d like your walls to be bright and sunny a pale yellow shade would be the best. Likewise, you can choose a shade based on how you would love your bedroom to be.


The right choice of lighting could give a totally different feel and look to your bedroom. You can include ambient, accent and mood lighting in your bedroom by choosing the right combination of lights. A wide range of lights that gives traditional, contemporary and modern look are available in the market.  Bedside lamps, overhead lights, ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, decorative lights and pendant lights can be used according to your personal taste.


Depending on the style and design of your bedroom you can choose between contemporary, modern, and traditional furniture.   You also need to consider the size of your room before deciding on the what to buy.

Bed Frames and mattresses

You can choose between a king size bed, queen size bed, single bed, or bunk beds, depending on the size and decor of your room. Wooden, metallic, and upholstered beds are available in the market; choose one that matches the theme of your room. Opting for a bed with built-in storage could help you save space in the room. A wide range of mattresses like foam and latex mattresses, spring mattresses, cotton mattresses and feather mattresses are available in the market. Opt for the most comfortable one. When you choose bed frames, keep in mind the décor too.

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Closets, cabinets, and cupboards

Depending on the size of your room or the space available you can choose between a built-in closet, wardrobes, cupboards or cabinets.  Adding a nightstand or a bedside table would also be a wise idea to keep a table lamp, alarm clock, books or a bottle of water which might come in handy at night.

Decorative ideas

You could add more colors to your room by including vases and flowers, works of art, rugs, and showpieces.

Bedroom designs

Country style

If you are looking to create a bedroom that has a country style walls painted in neutral shades would work well. Wallpapers in floral print, all white or wooden furniture suits best for this style.

Industrial and Rustic style

People who love the traditional designs for a bedroom usually prefer the industrial or rustic style.

Modern bedrooms

When it comes to modern bedroom designs the shades usually preferred is white, black and grey. Geometric or abstract patterns are usually included on the walls. A feature wall with splashes of colors is also quite popular with this design. A modern design gives importance to storage but has minimal accessories. Click on to get more information on modern bedrooms.


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