Bedroom Color Schemes and Trends 2018

Your bedroom is your personal shelter so if you want to change the colors according to the latest bedroom color schemes we will try to make it easy for you by explaining the best bedroom colors, bedroom color ideas, and the most important thing is 2018 bedroom color trends.

Bedroom color schemes

new bedroom color schemes

Even the bigger problems look a little smaller when you see your bed. Have you ever wondered about, what are the ideal bedroom color schemes that can enhance the feeling of relaxation that you feel when you enter your room? The psychology of colors is not just a theory but a whole industry that is constantly being studied. You will surely have heard or read that some bedroom color schemes can have a positive effect while others have a negative effect. We’ve discovered the best bedroom color schemes to get one more excuse when you do not want to get out of bed!

Best bedroom colors

bedroom color schemes blue

Here are different perfect bedroom color schemes that meet the requirements and lay the foundation for a relaxing and amazing interior.

Soft red with neutral shades

nice bedroom color schemes

Red tones are easy to integrate into the bedroom color scheme, but can also be used in a monochromatic way. Red as the dominant color in the decoration provides energy to any space. it catches attention and imparts passion and emotion, but if used too much on the bedroom walls, the senses can be over-stimulated. Smoother red or pink shades, which have a splash of earthy brown or wearing tones, are much more comfortable to watch and often look more sophisticated. Regardless of what shade you choose, only a few will be red, so use it as accent paint with cream or white to neutralize the intensity.

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Metallic bedroom color schemes

Metallic bedroom color schemes

If you want a romantic bedroom with a modern feel you can consider painting the walls in deep cupcakes or a hazy golden tint. Copper shades containing happy orange tones or earthy tones are a great way to add warmth to dark spaces, while shimmering gold can be a lightweight shade that’s easy to combine with other colors.

Gray and yellow bedroom color schemes

Create a sophisticated touch in the color scheme by selecting low watt lights for a smooth and comfortable shine.

Gray and yellow

new bedroom color schemes

This color scheme is modern and very balanced. The gray is very easy for the eyes, while the yellow serves to draw attention to the most important points of space in a joyful way.

Coral and blue

blue bedroom color schemes

Blue is a much-appreciated color it can be embedded in virtually any style and mood and its countless soft shades – has been described as the “color of sleep”. It is also very easy to find a good complementary color to it, as the coral, and other soft colors. With shades of blue, and coral you can get a nice relaxing underwater feel from this combination.

Pink and copper

pink bedroom color schemes

This is a combination that is very fashionable. Copper color and objects bring to any environment an appearance of luxury and sophistication. While the pink is chic and feminine, it has a tone of light. All this combined with white, makes this combination an incredible option. By the way, copper also creates a good contrast with lighter colors.

Green and brown

green bedroom color schemes

For those who are thinking of a more naturalistic composition, betting on the use of shades of green and brown is a perfect choice. Hardwood floors or furniture are also a great way to make the style even more convincing. Natural textures or patterns are things that can not miss in this decorative style.

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nice bedroom color schemes

Muted shades of favorite colors are the best option for those who do not like experiments and do not believe in bright bedrooms. These colors should be combined with some type of texture or pattern to provide a bit of life to the bedroom.

Bedroom color ideas

best bedroom color schemes

Finding bedroom color ideas that suit your bedroom is no longer difficult. if you take the risk, you will receive a unique interior that will bring you a sense of pride and satisfaction. Start by choosing the basic colors and gradually move on, delving into every detail. There are computer programs that allow you to create design projects. You can view on the screen a lot of different options for bedroom color schemes and then make a decision.

2018 bedroom color trends

red bedroom color schemes

2018 bedroom color trends are going to combine Heart Wood with earthy tones to create a warm and relaxing color combination. Heart Wood is a gray-brown color with a faint pink tone that creates a welcoming and warm feeling in the room. The small difference of versatility means that you can use it in a variety of color combinations, ranging from really green to cool blue shades to create a sense of comfort that feels right for you. Break off the warm, harmonious shades with an accent of ink-blue and add elegance to the cozy feel, or combine it with lighter colors for an airy yet inviting atmosphere. for more inspiration, you can read the past article about best home decor ideas for bedrooms 2018.





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