35+ Gorgeous Teen Girl Room Ideas 2017/2018

Teenage Girl Room Ideas

The selection of the many teen girl room ideas is often mostly hard. Regarding achieving the wishes of your beloved daughter with your available budget. Today, in this article we will show you 35 ideas that will guide you along the way about how to choose colours, furniture, and your daughter’s general bedroom decor theme. Here’s a group of selected images from various websites to help you decide.

These decoration ideas for teenage rooms will surely inspire many homeowners and teenage girls to get the best makeover for their bedroom. We’ve done the research you were looking for and compiled the best contemporary room designs & styles only for you. We recommend you to follow the article to the end.

Teen girl room ideas always are elegant, suitable for their age and their favourite colours at that girl’s age. Girls bedroom theme is mostly about using warm colours such as pink, yellow and purple. You can choose one of the pastel colours such as pink, or ochre with a white ceiling. In addition to using silk and Lacy curtains upholstery withdrawing some fluffy graphics art on the walls of the room and you’ll have an ideal charming teen girls furniture.

teen girl room ideas 19
Elegant teen girls bedroom interior decor

Hearts and flowers models are perfect for teenage girls. These two symbols are the source of inspiration for many girls as a beautiful room decorating ideas for teens. The combination of hearts and flowers, or focus on the heart. If your daughter prefers flowers, you can buy the adhesives to the walls with hearts and flowers with vibrant pink, purple and other colours. Or choose to design the room carpet in the shape of heart or flower graphics or choose the chamber curtains decorated with hearts or beautiful flowers. That would be so suitable for a teenage girl’s room

However, not most teenage girls like a cliche of cute pink and hearts with flowers. She might like a bit of flowery but not everything rosy. So in this case, I think your daughter is more about movies and dark colours. We’d recommend that you keep out the pinky furniture and styles with hearts. Think a little more about the bedrooms inspired by movies.

teen girl room ideas 35
Fluffy teen girls bedroom wall decorating

However, for a teenage girl who loves to draw butterflies, you may think of a cold room with butterflies decorating her room. Paint her bedroom in yellow, blue purple or pink for the walls and paint a plate or add colour accents in random places throughout the room. Most teenage girls might love a touch of mint green in their room.

teenage girls bedroom mint green

These are some tips that will help you to choose furniture for teen girl room:
1. Are you ready to change your daughter’s room decor every year or two? If the answer is no, you may want to reach some compromise with your daughter. Concerning office accessories, think about the possibility of buying furniture with classic colours. Moreover, she can make her DIY Jewelry Box with full instructions. The DIY projects would turn the room into a more stylish and fancy one. Any teenage girl would love to have her bedroom filled with DIYed projects of her own. It’s not always about the pink and rosy colours you know.

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2. Take in mind that the majority of teenagers usually prefer to perform all their activities inside the bedroom, as they fancy to watch tv. Therefore, it is important to select the furnishings to accommodate a personal computer, a tv, or a digital game. We advise you at this point to pick a TV that you can attach it to a wall since it frees the place for other objects.

3. Keep in mind that the room size and volume are vital. So, if a bedroom’s size is smallm\, instead of buying a large bed that may occupy most of the room’s space. Consider replacing the bed with a sofa. Or get a smaller bed and fewer furnishings so that it won’t crowd the chamber.

4. Let your daughter choose the small decoration details for her room. Let her and her style and touch to the room decor. That’d make her feel proud and comfort in her bedroom. Also, that will make her more interested in organising and cleaning her room regularly. With some of our tips given by your instructions, your daughter can have the teenage bedroom decor of her dreams.

Check out these feminine room ideas for teen girls:

teen girl room ideas 22
Straightforward queen bed design idea for girls

As I said, not all teenage girls like a pink room. Some might prefer a dark purple with black and white furniture to whiten up the theme a little. This luxurious bedroom might look like a grown woman’s bedroom. But who cares? If she feels like that now, then why not? A girl deserves a bedroom of her own choice.

teen girl room ideas 1
Luxury purple teens girls bedroom interior design

Using touches of pink on a white background room with a little black like shown in the picture is just beautiful. You can just take the theme and run with it as you prefer.

teen girl room ideas 2
Creative wall decorating idea for teen girls room

Dark & fair pink with yellow and white curtains decorated with square or lattice patterns decorating the room entirely. Cutting out the cliche of pink and white girl’s room. Adding some greenery and blue. A small bed, a corner of the couch and tiny table for the reading. And the windows giving a proper lighting for the room. This what makes a perfectly cozy and comfortable bedroom!

teen girl room ideas 3
Colorful teen bedroom ideas with charming color consistency

Since a teenager has a different perspective of a bedroom than most adults. It’s not only a sleeping place for them. But more like an escaping place from all the outside adulthood world that they mostly tend to run and hide from. For that reason, your teenage girl’s bedroom should express who she is.

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A multi purpose room is the best bedroom a teenager would ever think of having. So to bring this into your daughter’s room, the room should’ve a sleeping area consisting of the bed and a side lamp with a small drawer. Besides a study area on one corner, and a lounge corner to get along with her friends.

teen girl room ideas 4
Elegant teenage girls bedroom design ideas with luxury and feminine accessories

You can also achieve the multi purpose room even if it’s small sized. For the study area, consider a vertically oriented corner. Make use of the above and below table space as storage.

You can have a versatile lounge by adding a bench against the bed. Moreover, Place the bed to the side of the room wall. That’ll leave some space for other activities.

Have a small version of the furniture with one large piece but careful not to crowd it with too many small objects. Also, consider some mirrors on one side of the wall.

teen girl room ideas 5
Unique pink teens bedroom decoration ideas and furniture set.

Most teens are more into the vibrant colors with high energy. The wall paintings and colors are the best things to work on because it gives the most impact on the whole theme of the room. In this case, you need bright colors, why not a custom painted graffiti wall, maybe removable wall decals, or even encouragement or powerful words written on the walls.

teen girl room ideas 6
Upholstery beds design ideas for simple girls bedroom
teen girl room ideas 7
bedroom interior designs suitable for teens and kids.

The use of purple and yellow alongside with some colorful plants decorating the window is a pretty good choice.

teen girl room ideas 8
Purple bedroom painting idea and painted with yellow color.
teen girl room ideas 9
Cute pink bedroom decoration idea with a small bed for more space suitable for small rooms

Teen Girl Room Ideas 2017

Consider adding some unique personalization decor for your daughter’s bedroom. The wings above the bed in the below picture is a smart gesture for a dreamer teenage girl! This would be a huge motivation for any girl, and she will be grateful for whoever help her achieve her teenage dreams! Kids have the widest and powerful imagination on that age.

teen girl room ideas 10

teen girl room ideas 11

teen girl room ideas 12Girls at that age usually tend to be artistic and imaginary. Most of whom love to have their bedrooms expressing their creative personality. And that is how an imaginative girl’s bedroom should be like!

bedroom for girls 19

bedroom for girls 18

bedroom for girls 17

bedroom for girls 16

bedroom for girls 15

bedroom for girls 14

bedroom for girls 13

bedroom for girls 12

bedroom for girls 11

bedroom for girls 10

bedroom for girls 9

bedroom for girls 8

bedroom for girls 7

bedroom for girls 6

bedroom for girls 5Some girls tend to have their rooms as if they are living in a castle. By having this bedroom, you will have one extraordinary bedroom in your house that everybody loves to hang out in. But that is, of course, forbidden by the princess who owns the room!

bedroom for girls 4

bedroom for girls 3
neat bedroom decorating idea for teenage girls with an office.

This is a casual teenage girls room. She can have her friends hang out with her. She can work and do assignments on her laptop or have all the time she wants to read books. It symbolizes the simple, direct and casual personality of a girl.

bedroom for girls 2
Small and straightforward girl room interior design idea.
bedroom for girls 1
Stylish girls room design plan with the proper use of space.
bedroom for girls
Canopy bed design ideas for a more feminine look.


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