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40 Best Bedroom Rugs Colors & Sizes (With Gallery)

40 Best Bedroom Rugs Colors & Sizes (With Gallery)
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Best Bedroom Rugs

Hey there! Did you know bedroom rugs have more function potential in decorating bedrooms than you knew before? Basically, everything in the world has many sides that you will only see when using it right. We are here today to give bedroom area rugs the better chance they always deserved. But first, can you tell me how you use your own bedroom rugs? how do you pick its colors, size and how you organize it under your furniture? Don’t mind, I will tell you everything about how to choose the right colors, the best sizes, and more about DIY rugs here. Also, we will not forget about the special tips for your kids’ bedroom rugs!

bedroom rugs designs
Source: elledecor.com

How to choose the right Bedroom Rug size

For a bedroom rug placement, there are many ways to place your rug. One is to use your bedroom rug to frame the bed. You need it to extend to 24-30 inches around the bed to cover the sides and the foot of the bed while placing all legs on the rug -Bed, and nightstands. If not so, you better have it covering the sides only. Use 8′ x 10′ for queen beds, 9′ x 12′ for kings as standard sizes.

bedroom rugs size and placement

A second way is placing 2/3 of the bed only on the rug. This will frame the bed leaving the night stands directly on the floor while still allowing 24-30 inches free.

Use 4′ x 6′ / 5′ x 7′  for smaller rooms. You might as well use the rug just covering the foot of your bed. You can add two long central runner rugs to the sides of the bed (2’6″ x 8’/ 3′ x 5′), either that or you skip the one in the middle.

super fancy bedroom rugs
Source: knightone.adtddns.asia
  • To define your own sizes you should take the size of the area where you want to place the rug and how you want it to define the bed or furniture that surrounds it.
  • You don’t want your bedroom rug to chop the room down, so always consider little larger inches on any size you take.
  • You should use the rug to show the proportional of the space and echo its dimensions. So basically a large room wants a large rug. And longer rooms want orient lengthwise rugs.
  • It’s always a good idea to use painter’s tape to visualize the rug’s placement before you head to the shop and to make sure of your measurements.

Soft rugs for bedrooms

Personally, I fancy soft & fluffy area rugs, especially in bedrooms. They feel comfortable, give warmth, and show personality! Where else would you want to show that? Also, did you know that your personality always shows on the things you prefer and favor? Those little details are what defines you. So take care of them and don’t underestimate your choices. I will show you some examples of soft rugs with different colors and you can find here more area rugs choices. It’s your turn to choose your favorite and fill your room with warmth. There are three main types of rugs that happen to be the known for their softness, they are:

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1.Silk rugs:
They are best known for the softness and sumptuous feel they give. Let alone the luxurious look that will invade the area. Though the finer details of silk rugs you can see it requires professional cleaning. This type of rugs is more suitable for bedrooms and low-traffic areas.

silk bedroom rugs
source: cyruspersiancarpets.com

2. Cotton rugs:
Cotton is one soft rug that cleansing is easy and it’s way cheaper than other types of rugs like silk or wool. The cotton rugs are best placed in the kitchens and kids’ bedrooms.

cotton bedroom rugs for kids bedrooms
source: aliexpress.com

3. Animal Skin Rugs:
Another type called animal skins. This one is durable for its softness and unique designs. It doesn’t really suit a damp area, but easy to clean. For this type, you can place in bedrooms, low-traffic areas, and offices.

zebra skin rug - soft bedroom rugs
Source: cybball.com

Check out this gallery for soft-rugs:

Kids Bedroom Rugs

A kid’s bedroom always wants more texture and color in it. And you know just how kids wanna feel special in everything. So in this matter, you may be looking for a stylish whimsical rug to gain their attention. One hint is to avoid white colors in kids bedrooms for they get dirty fast. But let’s leave that for awhile and let me tell you how to decide on kids’ bedroom rugs with these main factors.

  1. The Size:
    Even with kids rugs, always remember to use the tape measure to visualize the rug’s area and shape. You might think this is a waste of time, but you will never know if you never give it a try. This process will save you much effort and loss in the rugs shop. So it’s better you follow the instructions above.
  2. The Shape:
    After deciding the size, look for the shape. Though I’m getting vibes that most of you will actually go for a rectangular rug. Anyway, you should look for other options as well. We’re not only talking about round or square shaped. Cause you don’t know, there are plenty of styles that can give your children’s room a look that you might have never expected! So never stick to one shape, and don’t be afraid to use the specialty shaped rugs such as flowers, hearts, sailboats, etc…

    Kids bedroom rugs - special shaped rug for kids bedroom
  3. The texture and fabric:
    What you need to know is that the different textures give huge influence on the design and theme of the room. This should narrow your options a bit. Some hints are the shag rugs, they come with various materials, or shaggy raggy rugs, jersey cotton. However, the more durable of these materials are the low pile wool and the cotton rugs (Whispers: Because they are the softest). It’s easier to decide the fabric and texture you want just by realizing the purpose of your rug and where you will place it.
  4. The Size of the room:
    If it’s large then you might be going for a larger rug to be proportionate. But think the opposite when you are trying to define an area or a corner in the room.
  5. The theme of the room:
    With a nursery room, you should not look for either than a soft rug: cotton or cotton blend. The softer the rug is the more your baby will feel more comfortable to lay or roll around it. Playrooms would be more compatible with low pile wool rugs. Wood floors need a high pile rug like shags so it could be more cushioned.
  6. Colors:
    Save yourself some effort and time by limiting your options before you go shopping. Let me tell you how to decide on that. The more colors/patterns your children’s room has the more solid you want your rug to be. Pick a secondary color of the wall’s pattern and let the new rug give it texture. On the other hand, the simpler your room is, the bolder and pattern combinations you want on the rug. This way your baby’s room will have more visual interest to it. Check out the below rainbow rug.

With the solid white walls and the decoration giving more simplicity to the room, a colorful rainbow rug with marble patterns would just add the final touch to the look.

colorful rainbow bedroom rug for kids
Source: decoist.com

With these tips in your mind, you can get the most out of bedroom rugs. Your only-functional bedroom rug will now be both function and decoration. Can’t wait to see your feedbacks!

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