Happy Friendship’s Day: Let Flowers say it All!

 Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I’ll never find a friend,

As amazing as you!

Through all the years when we were young such rhymes were chanted by children to express their feelings for their best friend. Friends come in all forms. Some are childhood friends; some are neighbors; some are school friends; some are work friends; and the rest of friends are siblings and parents. Every day is a day when we cherish our friends, but some special days are meant to eternalize the bond of friendship.

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Flowers are the most favorite gift to tell your friends how special their existence is in your life.

Friendship’s day is celebrated world over on the first Sunday of every August. Every country and culture has its own unique way of celebrating the day. Though flowers are a universal gift in all cultures.

Different flowers are used to express friendship in a different way. Zinnia is a flower gifted if your friend is a long distance away and you want to express that they still hold a special place in your heart. Daisies are for friends who are best secret keepers. We have many friends who play games and sports with us. Hyacinth is a flower which is gifted to a friend who is a sports partner.

Other flowers commonly used to express that your friendship really means a lot to you are yellow lilies, chrysanthemums, iris and camellia flowers. Carnations, sunflowers and orchids also top the list, but the best of all flowers is Roses.

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Rose bouquets on Friendship’s day are loved by everyone worldwide.

Roses come in different colors but the color most specifically used for this special day is yellow. Yellow roses on friendships day has gained immense popularity over the years and is recognized as the official flower for this day.

A fresh bouquet of yellow roses with a small card expresses in the best way your enthusiasm and appreciation as a friend. With time more colors are being added to the bouquets with each having its own special meaning.

Pink roses help in telling how joyful you feel when your friend is around and how graceful your friend is.

White roses are for childhood friends, telling them what a pleasure it was to grow together and how earnestly you cherish your childhood memories with them.

Lavender roses tell about the depth of your sincerity and loyalty towards your friend and that you will stay by them through all thick and thin. Red roses express your love and affection.

Choosing any two or more colors for your bouquet give the required depth you need to express without words. Many people tend to get all colors in their bouquet to make it more meaningful but sometimes only a single bud of yellow rose is enough to say it all.

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Yellow roses trace their origin from the Middle East, namely Afghanistan and Southwest Asia. They were first found in the 18th century, in shades of pale yellow and Sulphur yellow. These roses caused a huge uproar when first introduced in Europe. These roses were soon hybridized. The initial rose faced a lot of diseases but under various hybridizations became strong and survived against fungal diseases and shrubs.

Today we have roses in several shades of yellow: lemon yellow, gold, peachy yellow, bright yellow and copper yellow. Even its scent has been modified over the years and gives a sweet fruity smell.

On Friendship’s Day yellow roses are in a huge demand and the flower markets tends to keep a big stock of it. Although chocolates, stuffed toys and small gifts also take a huge place, but a bouquet of fresh flowers tops the list.

These roses last a year and can be made available on your demand. Shopalarose has the best shades of yellow, copper and gold which come as Friendship’s Day color. Nevertheless, you can always have the best colored fresh roses to make your friend feel special the year long.


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