2017 Outdoor Halloween Decorations – Creative Ideas

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

We start counting down to receive the Halloween Eve, Most of us are preparing the decor from now especially the Outdoor Halloween Decorations. The Halloween Eve is on 31 of October and now is not limited to Americans only but extended to the Egyptians; mainly women.

Everyone who celebrates Halloween is caring about being ready for decorating the streets and their outdoor area with many items proportional to this fearsome occasion such as Pumpkins, a statute of Vampires, Spiders, and others of these decorations.Outdoor Halloween Decorations with wonderful ideas for windows Outdoor Halloween Decorations for full house Outdoor Halloween Decorations for most scary witches statuesAs adults and children are preparing their costumes to celebrate the Halloween Eve by choosing the scariest characters and shapes, so the evil spirits couldn’t know them.Outdoor Halloween Decorations celebrations and costumesOutdoor Halloween Decorations and Costumes 2017

Halloween House Decorations Ideas

Now let me review with you more ideas for decorating your backyard area; the ideas are very easy to implement and all family members can spend a good time in executing them to decor the outdoor area with some decorative pieces match the atmosphere of Halloween. Try these DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas that will add more fun!


You can decorate using the pumpkins and forms of spiders and vampires and other symbols that are famous on this Eve.Outdoor Halloween Decorations Spider 2017Outdoor Halloween Decorations scary pumpkin and houseOutdoor Halloween Decorations 2017 home decor

Sculpture Art

You can do sculpture on pumpkins in certain forms and shapes which look compatible with the atmosphere.Outdoor Halloween Decorations Scary Pumpkin Girl Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ugly face pumpkin

Creative Colorful Ideas

  • Decorate the pumpkins with different colors and affixing diamonds on it to look wonderful with a new shape.Outdoor Halloween Decorations for Black paint pumpkin with diamonds
  • Coloring jars with water colors and draw spiders on it.Outdoor Halloween Decorations Scary spider jars decorated
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Lighted Decorations

Bring a pumpkin and unloading its content after that begin to sculpture skull form and coloring the eyes and mouth with black color later put lamp or candle inside it to look over frightening.Outdoor Halloween Decorations pumpkin stand on stairsOutdoor Halloween Decorations Lighted Pumpkins

Scary Decor

Bring many jars with different sizes and put spiders inside it and close the jar, put that decorated jar outdoor beside your house door and celebrate the Outdoor Halloween Decorations with your family and beloved ones.Outdoor Halloween Decorations spider web jar

Outdoor House Decorations

Prepare a table outdoor in the terrace to create your Halloween outdoor decorations hanging scary pumpkin as much as you can and flying spiders and ghosts.Outdoor Halloween Decorations Terrace Family Gathering

Let me show you some Tips for Outdoor Halloween Decorations

First, we need to know that whatever you decorated your backyard by setting up a spooky scene in one area or hanging flying ghosts on your tree, I still believe that these tips will help you get the full job done.

Choosing a Suitable Location

Once you intend to cover your Outdoor with Halloween Decorations, choosing the location is most important; as it can make the mowing at your backyard harder or easier, which can make it easily visible to those driving by.Outdoor Halloween Decorations Scary backyard Outdoor Halloween Decorations Spirit forms 2017 Outdoor Halloween Decorations Silly Pumpkins form

Picking An Easy Theme

there are some themes taking the first place in Halloween House Decorations such as the graveyard, spooky pumpkins, and even zombies. Picking the theme idea not make only the purchasing easy but also the setup becomes easier.Outdoor Halloween Decorations ZombieOutdoor Halloween Decorations combined theme

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Securing Tools

Of course, you don’t want to lose your Halloween outdoor decorations after getting ready, for that my advice for you to use some securing tools, for example, Duct Tape is used to secure cords and attaching things along. Also, Rocks are for holding decorations in their places instead of blowing away.Outdoor Halloween Decorations Stuck to the treeOutdoor Halloween Decorations Secured SetwallsOutdoor Halloween Decorations Secure Setup

Otherwise, the above-mentioned tips we have other sufficient tips.

Safety Tips

Definitely, it’s not important to have fun without being safe, for that we will review together Safety Tips:

  1. Avoid Open Fire

    It is very important to take from children costumes and ours too, as they are the possible things that catch fire easily, try to look for costume accessories which are fire resistant like beards and fake body parts.

  2. Emergency Contacts

    Make sure from your children that they have all the emergency contacts information secured to their clothes which include; name, address, and phone number.

  3. Clear Path to the Door

    Cleaning away anything would make tripping hazards for your pathway of the front door by removing items as flower pots.

  4. Use decorations rated for the outdoor only

    Some decorations are made to be suitable for inside only, and using them outdoor would be very dangerous, so you will need to make sure that all your Halloween decorations are certified for outdoor use.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun till the maximum in that scary occasion with your family members and friends.


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