8 Advantages Of Hardwoord Laminated Floor

Hardwoord Laminated Floor

Laminate flooring is one of the top selling floors because of the mind boggling benefits it offers. It is gorgeous and a real deal to enhance the beauty of your property. Laminate flooring has all the attributes to improve the decor of your space. The supercool advantages of laminate flooring is a cut above the rest and here we have discussed a few of them.

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If you reside in Salt lake city, Utah then you have access to best Utah’s designers who will help you get the best laminate flooring at reasonable prices.Let’s check the advantages of laminate flooring so you learn the characteristics, features, pros and cons and other important details of laminate to understand why it is an ideal choice for you.


  • Durability: Laminate flooring is durable. Unlike woods which can dent, it has the coating of aluminium oxide that can hold the dents, stains, fading and scratches. The appearance will not give any trouble as the floor is engineered for busy houses with children and pets. Some of the best manufacturers who offer laminate and hardwood flooring in salt lake city, Utah offer 10 years warranty on laminate as it has a tough surface. It is easy to maintain and clean as well.


  • Easy installation: Laminate flooring is easy to install when compared to other floor types. The boards are designed to interlock so it’s simple to work them. To save installation time these can be put on most of the existing floors. Other floors need to be nailed down glued, stapled but laminate can be installed by the homeowners on their own as these have a click / lock design or fold/ lock design that can fit like puzzle pieces easily. You can install 300 square feet in a week.


  • Price and quality:  A hardwood laminate flooring is less expensive than the traditional hardwood floor and you will not be disappointed with the look and quality of laminate at any point. The price range of each type of laminate flooring is great and you have many options to choose from. The best manufacturers of laminate flooring work hard on improving the wood quality and in present times you will see that the wood has been improved on deeper texturing, good graphics and micro bevels so it can meet  the standards of solid hardwood.


  • A smart option: Laminate flooring is a versatile option and it can be installed on any type of subfloors whether it is a pre existing vinyl floor or a concrete. Hardwood floor may not be compatible with a subfloor in most of the cases, but laminate flooring is a smart option.


  • Sunlight affect and Repair: Hardwood is a natural product and it can fade in sunlight, but laminate flooring has UV protection integrated into the surface. Laminate will not repair easily as well. If the flooring is bought in individual pieces or snaps then you will have to replace individual boards.


  • Available in different styles: Laminate is the next design trend which can imitate tile, wood or stone flooring. It comes in variou styles and varieties like stone, tile, wood and different other finishes.These are available in different colours, thicknesses, plank styles or surface treatments. It matches the grooves of printed grain and offers a realistic wooden texture. You can create a decorative and symmetrical look for your laminate floor. You can use wide plank floor boards thin strip flooring, chevron pattern or herringbone patterns depending on your taste and the amount of traffic.


  • No formation of mold: If someone in your family has a history of allergies or gets affected from bad allergies which wood furniture can produce then laminate flooring is a healthy option for you. Laminate flooring has underlayment which works like a barrier for moisture and protects the floor from any kind of mold formation or damage. It doesn’t trap any type of dust particles or other allergens which can affect your loving family in a bad way. Remember laminate are resistant to moisture, but they are not waterproof so avoid installing it in areas that are prone to water leaks, bathrooms or laundry rooms.


  • Functionality: Without underlayment laminate floors may feel hard to the feet. So, make sure the installations do include underlayment as it will offer a slight springy feel to the floor. Thus, it will be easier to stand on the floor for a long time. It is versatile and can be cleaned easily as it doesn’t absorb dust like a carpet.


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As you can see the advantages of laminate flooring it can be a great option for your home or office. It will be easier to maintain and the appearance of the floor will faithfully produce the look of a tile, wood or stone. Get in touch with a leading expert in laminate flooring who can offer ample of design or pattern choices in budget. Choosing the best manufacturer in Utah for laminate flooring is vital because they would have expertise in installing the laminate and will give you a beautiful, heart warming finished product that you can cherish for years.


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