Anniversary Flower Bouquets Are Always The best

Anniversary means that you have achieved another milestone in your marriage. There is no doubt that there is nothing like an anniversary flower bouquets to say “I love you” and to represent romance and beauty. The love of your life will have a smile from ear to ear when you give them one of the anniversary flower bouquets.

Anniversary Flower Bouquets

It is important to send the right bouquet. For example, you would not want to send a bouquet of yellow carnations as they are often associated as a sign of rejection or disappointment.

How to choose anniversary flower bouquets?

However, to know which bouquet to buy with so many available there is no specific way for you to choose flowers, but you can have some things in mind such as favorite flowers, what the flower means and what color means, as well as what flowers are traditionally associated with the anniversary year. The easiest way to choose a bouquet is based on your beloved’s favorite flowers. This can be very romantic since a favorite flower can have a special meaning. You could also consider something like the first bouquet of flowers that you gave to your beloved.

The meaning of flowers

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Another way to choose anniversary flower bouquets is to understand the meaning of flowers. But it is not only the meaning of the flowers that matters but also the colors since different colors of different flowers have different meanings. Take the yellow carnations we mentioned earlier as an example, while other colors of carnations are associated with fascination, distinction or love. If you use a combination of flowers and colors, the whole bouquet could have a powerful meaning of love. There are some flowers that are normally found in anniversary bouquets, as the chrysanthemum, being a symbol of fidelity, can be a great choice to declare your commitment. Other flowers have more romantic meanings, such as peonies and roses.

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What is the anniversary year?

You can think about how long you have been married and what anniversary you are celebrating. For example, daffodils are given to show chivalry and love and are often used on the tenth anniversary. The carnations, on the other hand, are not yellow; they are given on the first anniversary. On the fifteenth anniversary, violets and yellow roses can be a great combination to show your commitment and lasting union.


Red roses show passionate love, but pink roses, for example, mean friendship and white roses mean purity.


The orchids signify beauty and perfection. Currently, pink orchids are given as the fourteenth-anniversary flower to represent affection, beauty and perfect love.


It symbolizes optimism and enjoyment. Often, they are a gift for the thirteenth anniversary.


The lilies symbolize luck and good news, as well as strength and power. The lilies are given on the twenty-fifth anniversary.

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Tulips represent many things, but this depends on the color. Yellow tulips mean happy thoughts, while white tulips represent forgiveness. The purple tulips represent loyalty. The red tulips symbolize the perfect love. Often, tulips are given as an anniversary number eleven. The dark center of the tulips represents the heart of a lover who has been obscured by the intensity of passionate love. Undoubtedly, a box of tulips would be a beautiful anniversary flower bouquets.

but before the anniversary you can get ready for your big day with a romantic wedding reception ideas

Send Get Well Soon Flowers

Get Well Soon Flowers ideas

On the other hand, there are other occasions that need flowers to show love and support like illness, it can be done if you send get well soon flowers. Be sure to show your loved one that you care, even if they insist that they are okay.

a cheerful bouquet can brighten their day. Consider a green potted plant that will liven up the room at the same time purify the air. Or wish them good health with a well-presented flower basket. Other great options to send get well soon flowers are daisies and hydrangeas, due to their slight aroma of relativity, and beautiful colors! If your friend is recovering from an accident, surgery or a serious illness and is in the hospital, it will be a great choice.


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