The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

We are now about to speak of the best vacuum for hardwood floors. When it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, special attention must be paid not to scratch, mark or otherwise damage the wood. Most common vacuum cleaners are not very well-suited to the job because they are heavy and have brushes.

Best vacuum for hardwood floors

best vacuum for hardwood floors and pets

According to consumer vacuum reviews, you will want a lightweight, easy-to-use vacuum that puts the least amount of strain on the body as possible. We are here to present you some tips to choose the best vacuum for hardwood floors available.

best vacuum for hardwood floors and pets

Vacuum cleaners intended for carpets can cause serious injury to wood floors. So you have to focus on choosing the best vacuum for hardwood floors that should be delicate to your wooden floors.

Smart tips

best vacuum for hardwood floors and rugs

To clean hard floors effectively you do not have to choose a super-equipped vacuum cleaner with a lot of parts. This does not mean that any vacuum cleaner is appropriate; you must know that not all are good for these surfaces. You might think that for a vacuum cleaner, nothing is easier than cleaning a hard floor.

best vacuum for hardwood floors and rugs
  • The vacuum cleaner must be capable of suctioning enough to clean the grooves on the floor.
  • The brush should not stick to the floor and should not push the thicker residues forward since the household dust is not only made up of fine dust.
  • For the parquet, it is imperative that the machine is accompanied by soft bristle brushes for delicate use and equipped with soft rubber wheels so that it rolls gracefully without leaving destructive grooves.
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Hardwood floor vacuum

best vacuum for hardwood floors and rugs

To choose the best option, we will consider the power of the Force … I mean, the power of cleaning. Almost all bagless vacuum cleaners today incorporate cyclonic technology, their level of cleaning is greater and that saves us time when cleaning the wooden floors in the most unexpected corners. The amount of air flow sucked in will determine the cleaning performance of the vacuum cleaner, which results in its effectiveness.

European Union regulations

best vacuum for hardwood floors and rugs

The new European Union regulations regulate measurements of values linked to the efficiency and efficiency of vacuum cleaners, either with or without bags. These values are printed on the energy label and tell us how much it needs on ceramic, tile or wood floors, how much dirt it absorb from carpets and rugs, the quality of the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner, noise level, etc. They also show us the quality in dust collection, whether on hard floors or carpets.

Specifications of best vacuum for hardwood floors

best vacuum for hardwood floors and pets

Among the best vacuum for hardwood floors, we highlight the cyclonic machine that has a special nozzle for the hardwood floor, parquet, and pallets.

As we are looking for machines that take care of our wood floors, the vacuum cleaner that has a special brush with softer bristles to take care of the varnish and not cause scratches or anything like that.

Filter technology is especially important for allergy sufferers. A continuous suction control is important.

Types of vacuums

best vacuum for hardwood floors and pets

Here is some of the best vacuum for hardwood floors which you can consider when choosing the vacuum cleaner

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The broom vacuum

best vacuum for hardwood floors and pets

The broom vacuum is enormously popular today among people who know how to clean without much effort. It is designated for carpets but you use it without problems for hardwood floors, parquet, and tiling.

The bagless vacuum

best vacuum for hardwood floors and pets

The bagless vacuum cleaner uses the filtration system to keep the dirt inside without having a bag inside it. So it is very light and it works easily and it is one of the best vacuum for hardwood floors

Wireless vacuums

Wireless vacuums are the type that works with battery, the type of battery, whether it uses an old ni-cad or a modern lithium ion. You must know that the battery voltage does not refer to the power; it only means how many volts the motor needs to run.

Silent vacuum

When it’s time to clean your hardwood floors, the silent model can help reduce the stress and inconvenience associated with the cleaning process. Sometimes the noise produced by the vacuum cleaner is so high that it becomes almost impossible to hear your phone ringing or your children crying. And if you have a headache, the last thing you want to do is using a vacuum, it’s also a stress for your pets.


By now we hope that we have given you the tips that will help you in your journey to find the best vacuum for hardwood floors. and you can also take a look at our house cleaning schedule ideas










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