Home Interior Design Bathroom 2018 Wood Tile Shower Ideas With Pics

2018 Wood Tile Shower Ideas With Pics

2018 Wood Tile Shower Ideas With Pics

If you were a nature lover, you will find the idea of using wood tile shower is perfect for your new bathroom décor. Wood tile shower could give a warm look to your bathroom. It is easy to find and to install.

Best Wood tile shower for wall & floor

wood tile shower walls

When you use the wood tile shower you can easily find the right match for your bathroom design. And as we do all the time we will give you many options to choose between them.

wood tile shower ideas

The natural beauty of the wood tiles gives a completely natural look to the bathroom that is usually stiff and cold. The secret is to incorporate natural materials such as stone and wood into the bathroom and contrast them with other types of tiles.

2018 will be the year of the wood tiles with geometric designs. It is a great solution to give depth and warm into a bathroom.

wood tile shower ideas

if you were using the wooden style of decor in your house you must know that the bathroom is an extension of the house so, it will be a great trend if you make the bathroom decor reflects the style of the rest of the house, using wood tile shower will give you a great help to decor your bathroom as the rest of your house.

Sizes of the wood tile shower

wood tile shower floor

According to the opinion of the manufacturers and the style experts, the trend of the wood tile shower and the fake parquet will not be extinguished before the next 10 years. So, if you decided to use wood tiles in your shower you will be in need to know the sizes of the tiles.

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By knowing the sizes of the tiles you can easily choose the design that suits your shower. So here are some of the popular sizes that you can find in the market.

wood tile shower walls
  • The 15×90 cm is the size closest to the proportions of modern large-size parquet boards. The accuracy with which the current ceramic technology is able to reproduce the appearance of natural wood, combined with the realization in a large rectangular shape, makes the two materials virtually indistinguishable between them.
  • The tiles in size 22.5×90 cm are designed to be as close as possible to the form of the floorboards so as to make the best possible impression of natural wood. They are also used for walling. They give great impact to the entire look. They are compatible with tiles in size 15×90 cm and 45×90 cm.
wood tile shower ideas
  • The 20×120 size adapts perfectly to the shape of the parquet flooring, yet it can still surprise you with its design look that gives a sophisticated tone to your shower if you use wood tile shower walls or floors. It combines perfectly with the 60×120 form.
  • The 60×120 tile size gives a space effect to your shower; this size is featuring a pure and contemporary aesthetics. This type of tiles combines perfectly with the past sizes. This particularly suited to the creation of impressive shower design.

The colors of wood tile shower

wood tile shower ideas

The color will not be something to worry about if you choose the wood tiles, you can choose between the dark and the light colors to give the natural look to your shower. The size of your bathroom will make you decide easily which tone of color you need.

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wood tile shower ideas

The dark tone will be perfect for the bathrooms with the large size. But if the size of the bathroom was small you may use the light color to get more space effect which comes with light colors. And you can always make a mix between the dark and the light tones to get a unique design for your bathroom and shower.

Outdoor shower

wood tile shower ideas

Anti-slip monolithic wood tile shower is the best choice for an outdoor shower. Frost resistant and temperature fluctuations (-50 ° to + 60 °) they are made of 2 cm thick porcelain stoneware and can be easily laid without glue or stucco, directly on gravel or grass.

Smart tips

wood tile shower walls

Take the large form of the wood tile shower and make the floor surface without changing the height for easy access to the shower, especially if the shower is used by the elderly. The use of one type of tile on the entire surface will help visually increase the room.

If you decide to use a large-size tile, then pay attention to the slip resistance or roughness index when choosing the tiles of your shower. The wood tile shower should be designed to take into account the frequent and long contact with water.


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