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Best Walk-In Showers Design Ideas

Best Walk-In Showers Design Ideas

Walk-in showers ideas are the best choice for the modern bathrooms. Modern style has its fans! So, the designers have used this style in the past years in every inch in the interior design of homes, and for the year 2018, the designers had chosen the walk-in showers to be the trend for the modern bathroom.

Walk-in showers

walk-in showers ideas

The replacement of the shower or the bathtub offers you the possibility of installing one of the walk-in showers in your bathroom. They are characterized by access without steps, thus leaving the area of the shower integrated into the bathroom environment, without the danger of trips and bumps with the corners.

Walk-in showers designs

walk-in showers ideas

Walk-in showers do not have to consist of several walls. Sometimes it’s enough with a wall to create a nice and practical shower. Placing the shower in a corner is also not necessary – it would be better to have the shower in the middle of the wall, it can be an amazingly stylish interior detail in the bathroom. With a walk-in shower, the possibilities are great to create a stylish and exciting shower that makes the bathroom a bit more personal. Choose a shower solution that will let you get the most of your bathroom!

Walk-in showers for the elderly

walk-in showers ideas

More and more users are enjoying the freedom of movement and optical sensation of amplitude. Unimpeded access to shower pleasure is today a symbol of modern bathroom design. This trend also stands out in the sector of remodeling.

Walk-in showers for the elderly

Drainage systems and extra-flat shower trays also contribute making walk-in showers safe and comfortable for old people, which, once installed, are integrated into the floor creating a completely uniform surface. And it makes the bathroom completely clear and free of obstacles, which produces a greater sense of spaciousness even in smaller spaces.

Walk-in showers for small bathrooms

walk-in showers for small bathroom

The surface without obstacles creates a clean environment in the bathroom and provides more comfort. The walk-in showers add a clear appearance and will make you say goodbye to the feeling of small bathrooms. Having one of the walk-in showers in a small bathroom will increase the space and will make the bathroom look larger than it really is.

Walk-in showers installation

walk-in showers ideas

We know that the main advantage of the real walk-in showers, that it is on one level, on the ground floor, the siphon and evacuations are buried under the receiver. When renovating, it is often impossible to dig the floor of the bathroom on 15 cm to place a walk-in shower. So, the first thing to do is to remove your old bathtub and make an inventory.

walk-in showers designs

At this place, do you have a little depth, for example, an old tile? If you manage to gain 5 or 6 cm, this is enough to install a shower drain and an extra-flat tray, without an edge. With an extra-flat tray which is 3 to 4 cm thick, you can have a walk in shower, the shower in this way will be comfortable and accessible to people with reduced mobility.


walk-in showers ideas

For floor showers it is necessary, before coating the shower area with the material that you prefer or with a prefabricated shower tray, to previously install a waterproofing and a drainage system. There are specific pieces for the formation of slopes and drains that collect water in the center of the shower or on the side. This type allows making showers of any size, shape and finishing material.

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Walk- in shower flooring options

walk-in showers ideas

The showers can be covered with infinity of materials, on the floor of the bathroom: ceramic tiles, natural stones, marble or granite, small tiles with many colors and effects. You can also find a pre-molded stone or quartz crystals with an exceptional quality and glazed appearance in a variety of colors to use on the floor or you can always get a deep look at our article about wood tile shower it will sure help you to get some new ideas.

Things to keep in mind

walk-in showers ideas

The main precaution you should have in this type of shower is to avoid water leaks or moisture. Currently, this is not a problem, since you have an infinite number of solutions that guarantee a perfect Drainage system of the shower, but it is necessary to be advised by a specialist in this subject. It is advisable to have a screen that prevents water from splashing out of the shower area and if you do not want to put it on, you should make sure that the floor of the rest of the bathroom is non-slip. On the other hand, these types of showers are easier to clean and maintain, it has fewer corners where dirt accumulates.





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