Most Practical House Cleaning Schedule For Housewife

House Cleaning Schedule

the house cleaning schedule is important to facilitate the House cleaning. Wondering about a way to clean house, or work a list of cleaning tasks daily or weekly or monthly?
Here in this article on the blog ” Decorationy”will give you some tips to the workings of a table to clean house and some ideas that help you get a clean House .
The House cleaning is a task of the whole family, you must encourage your children and your spouse to participate by doing some simple tasks to help you. In order for the encouragement you put cleaning schedule in a prominent place in your home so everyone can see it on the refrigerator, for example, this reminder is visible. Possible to use bright color sticky notes to confirm in a prominent place in the kitchen.

House Cleaning Schedule

There are basic steps you must follow when writing the house cleaning schedule :
1. divide the tasks of cleaning the House between family members.
2. divide the cleaning schedule to weekly and daily tasks.
3. use cleaning application on your Smartphone for tracking home tasks.

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We propose you Six helpful apps for house cleaning schedule:
* To Do
* Unfilth your habitat
* Chroma
* HomeRoutines
* EpicWin

House Cleaning 

4. the house cleaning schedule must be actual:
We recommend before schedule cleaning must be thinking about your actual implementation written plans and adjust your expectations accordingly.
5. choose cleaning times per week which has its high power and have free time for you to accomplish more tasks better.
6. divide the cleaning tasks to tasks big and small:
We recommend that you put two or three lists or tables to perform tasks according to their size and frequency. You can insert a “big” cleanup tasks which do not need to perform only twice a year in one table like washes carpets and furniture cleaning by steam or polishing furniture.

And other tasks, such as sorting the fridge or in disinfected schedule tasks “weekly” to clean house. “Small tasks, like cleaning the kitchen floor and wiping surfaces in the kitchen, it can be included in the daily tasks of cleaning the kitchen.
7. use technology:
The Internet contains a great deal of information about the best and most efficient way to clean House, and also make suggestions for cleaning tables models viable course to help you.
8. Finally, we recommend that you classify Jules cleaning by region or type:
Put in mind the necessity of cleaning different areas in your home periodically, depending on the size of your home, you can clean the floor first in the first week, and the second floor in the next week. Or you can classify the cleaning tasks by type of room where you clean all bathrooms home on, then clean up all the carpets vacuumed dust removal on tabletops and bookshelves on another day.


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