Home Cleaning Tips Brilliant Housekeeping Tips From Hotel Maids

Brilliant Housekeeping Tips From Hotel Maids

Brilliant Housekeeping Tips From Hotel Maids

Housekeeping Tips

Many ladies and Moms hate house cleaning and special the spring cleaning for its effort in cleaning all room of the House and cleaning rugs and curtains. To make things easier we suggest you some ideas and tips are simple and inexpensive that make your home more efficient and cleaner with saving money.
And we bet you with following these tips on next spring home cleaning will not take a long time.

Brilliant Housekeeping Tips Steal From Hotel Maids

Housekeeping Tips for Home

Some simple housekeeping  tips that make your House clean all week:

1. take off your shoes at the entrance. A simple step to avoid hauling in dirt from the main road, clear your boots on carpets washable seats at every entrance. But a more effective solution to remove their shoes and wear slippers for use only at home. Remember though to make slippers fabric washable ready for your guests.

2. the vent outdoor carpet several times at least every week. In order to always keep clean, use a vacuum cleaner every day, to collect any crumbs and pet hair.
3. make your bathroom always dry, especially after bathing, it’s good practice clear bathroom walls or tank to prevent the formation of limestone or SOAP and ceramic and fat. This way you don’t have to waste time to clean the bathroom.
4. keep clean Drains. Use every morning and every evening a sponge to remove SOAP residue and toothpaste or makeup of the pelvis. Getting rid of hair fell out and throw them in the trash.

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5. clean the drains with vinegar. To remove odors and prevent traffic insects and bacteria, and vinegar every sink in the House and left it overnight. in the morning rinse with water: you will see that a good scent.

6- Kitchen cabinets need to be cleaned at least once a week. To accomplish this task, follow the following housekeeping tips:

Housekeeping Tips To clean the cabinets from the inside:
-Empty the contents of the cabinets to be cleaned, taking care to get rid of those expired.
-Wipe inside cupboards with a sponge soaked in water with a little white vinegar.
-Dry cabinets with a dry cloth.
Mat waxed “plastic”, inside cabinets, put him clean uses, with arranged through lesser pieces in the back and most used in the front.

Housekeeping Tips To clean the cabinets from the outside:
-Add a little dishwashing liquid into a bowl of warm water.
-Wet a cloth with the mixture, then squeeze it well and wipe the outer part of the cabinets.
-Wash the handles well with SOAP and water.
-Then, dry lockers with a piece of cloth

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