Home Interior Design 7 Best Ways To Make A Home Cozy This Winter

7 Best Ways To Make A Home Cozy This Winter

7 Best Ways To Make A Home Cozy This Winter

Ways To Make A Home Cozy

Winter is on its way and we all want to make our homes more comfortable places, cozier even. So, how can you achieve a nicer, warmer feel? Well, here are some tips & ideas from interior designers & decorators to help you make your home cozy in winter.

Ways to make a home cozy winter

  1. Using Layers

According to interior designer Toni Fairly, one of the quickest ways to make any living space warm and inviting is through the layering of furniture using pillows and blankets.  Fairley recommends layering beds or couches with a soft cotton blanket placed on top of a comforter.
This is useful because it provides different options for warmth, and by adding pillows of different shapes you can accommodate activities such as reading or napping.


  1. Using Warm Colors On The Walls

According to professional color consultant Barbara Jacobs, in her article for Better Homes and Gardens, she states that the significance of a room color is often the most underestimated aspect of the interior design.
She believes that the effects of wall color may be subtle, but they are important on both a physical and psychological level.  Jacobs feels that quieter atmospheres can be achieved using neutral, but still warmer shades including oranges, yellows, and browns. and check these wall colors ideas for 2018.


  1. Using Soft Rugs

The senior writer at Apartment Therapy, Nancy Mitchell, posits that a patterned rug with texture is one of the best methods to use when looking to add warmth and comfort to a living space.
Not only will the rugs offer the aesthetic value of warming up an area, but they can be highly practical in retaining the room’s heat where bare floors are used.


  1. Using Curtains

My Fancy House published an article discussing the methods on how to identify the ideal curtains and drapes for a living space.  The article noted that curtains have the ability to radically change the mood of a room and colored curtains, in particular, can create a spacious aspect.
Darker curtains, however, will transform the living area into a more welcoming and comfortable space.
The article recommended thicker curtains for windows that are south-facing as they will have direct sunlight exposure all day, but lighter curtains for other windows in brighter colors. Colours and all of the above pieces are things that make any home cozier.


  1. Paying Attention To The Lights

Believe it or not, lighting is exceptionally important when creating an atmosphere in a living space.  According to the well-known lighting designer with the American Lighting Association, Joseph A. Rey-Barreau, it is essential that one avoid any bright or fluorescent overhead lighting in living spaces.
He suggests that one rather opts for table or floor lamps with dimmers when looking to create a cozier area.  Lighting designer Mitchell also recommended that turning off cool-toned bulbs for warmer ones can be considered “immediate cozification”.

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  1. Using Candles

To continue with the lighting theme, it is recommended that you consider using candles.  The team at Bliss and Home Design believe that candles can help transform the ambiance of any living space with the soft glow, entrancing fragrance, and complementary features to meet the theme of your design.
It is also advised that you use candles of different sizes to create dimension and use candle holders according to the theme of the living space.


  1. Using Flowers

Danielle Smith, YouTuber and lifestyle expert, states that fresh flowers can be a beneficial means of adding natural beauty and vibrancy to the living space.  She has videos on YouTube pointing out simple methods to make inexpensive flowers look interesting in basic containers.



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