Exciting Coffee Bar Ideas Your Home Calls For

Coffee Bar Ideas

I LOVE coffee, but recently had no time to catch my morning cup from the nearby cafe before going to work. I couldn’t start my day right for a while & naturally, my mind didn’t concentrate well on these days. So I did my research and found out these exciting home coffee bar ideas and thought to share it with you.

Home coffee bar ideas - coffee table styles
Source: decoholic.org

Having a home coffee bar would help you impress & entertain family members and loved ones who appreciate a quick & healthy mug of coffee as much as you do. All you need to DIY a coffee bar table is cups, pots of essential flavors: coffee, tea, and sugar. Let alone a great coffee maker, better be an automatic one.

Coffee Station Ideas

Rather than shoving your coffee machine on a countertop in the kitchen, a smart action is to have a home coffee station. Anyone can just serve himself and make his fancy coffee mug! Make space for a coffee station table at home and learn how to DIY it with me.

Best coffe bar ideas - coffee station ideas
Source: homesthetics.net

We don’t want any ordinary kitchen coffee bar; we want it to show our personality. So, to DIY and also personalize a kitchen coffee station, there are several considerations.

To be honest, the basics are pretty easy, A coffee bar cabinet and one or two shelves would provide a lot of storage. Feel free to Store your coffee mugs, containers, extras, and coffee machine onto one coffee bar cart. The trick is how to use those basics to impress! Any coffee bar cabinet will do the job, but a customized one will show its job! Check the below pictures and head for the DIY coffee bar ideas.

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home coffee station - coffe bar ideas
Source: eatwell101.com

Make the Best Coffee Bar Cabinet

To create a custom coffee bar corner use a kitchen counter, a cart, a table with shelf underneath, or DIY your coffee cabinet from scratch. However, you can also install a coffee bar shelf above the cart to get extra storage and decrease clutter. Keep it simple, like this one below:

small coffee corner
Source: phillyfido.net

You can have a coffee bar station with a small kitchen. There are no limits to be creative with these coffee bar ideas. Just create a unique cabinet to store all your coffee making essentials. When you’re not using it, you can simply close the cabinet and leave no clutter in your small kitchen.

Home Coffee bar ideas
Source: designimprovised.com
Coffee bar with wheels
Source: trends4us.com

Think functionally about the placement of the coffee bar cart. On this matter, add wheels to your coffee bar so you can move it outside of the kitchen whenever you have guests. Like this cool coffee bar style!

Coffee bar decor Ideas:

  • Use string lights or a lamp to light up the bar
  • Your favorite jars or bowls for sugar and essential containers (I prefer vintage ones)
  • Adding a greenery touch simplifies and lights everything. Add a touch of greenery in a pot or vase filled with flowers or a succulent plant.
  • Other extras you can add to your coffee station are a carrying tray and napkins. You’ll be needing them for regular use.
  • Consider a unique piece of artwork in the coffee bar area for more personalization.
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Party coffee station ideas
Source: psychomishap.com

I hope you liked our humble and unique coffee bar ideas, for more inspiration check out the photos below:

Coffee bar and wine rack in one piece
Source: industrystandarddesign.com
DIY coffee bar ideas and coffee cabinet style
Source: sweetmiles.com

Notice the various coffee bar accessories in the below picture.

Coffee bar accessories
Source: studiograyhouse.com

coffee bar accessoriesAlways consider decorating your coffee bar shelf with cute and simple accessories and snacks.

Coffee cart & coffee bar ideas
Source: coffeesphere.com
Coffee bar accessories
Source: afarmhousereborn.com

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