Decorating With Florals – Where Not To Use Them

Decorating With Florals

Once upon a time, floral furnishings played popular roles in home décor. You may even remember seeing floral patterns on chairs and sofas in your grandparents’ home. Well, times have changed. These days, few people want to emphasize floral decorations, especially when it comes to couches and other large pieces of furniture that take up a lot of room.


Floral furnishings can still play roles in decorating, but you can make your home look more modern by avoiding floral décor in the following rooms.


Floral Furnishings Do Not Belong in the Living Room

In the 1990s, a lot of people started decorating their living rooms with floral patterns. It was a noticeable difference from the comfortable shag carpeting and overstuffed sectionals of the 1980s.

Eventually, people grew tired of having floral décor in their living rooms. The living room, after all, is one of the first rooms that guests see when they enter your home. At some point, the floral patterns that once looked so pretty in the living room turned into eyesores that made homeowners a little embarrassed.

If you still have floral furnishings in your living, consider replacing that furniture with modern designs covered in leather or microfiber cloth. You’ll rejuvenate your living room’s style and get more comfortable furniture for entertaining guests. Plus, you won’t have to worry that you’ll feel ashamed of how outdated your living room’s aesthetic is.
Don’t Put Floral Decor in the Bathroom

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No matter how much floral print you add to your bathroom, you will never replace unpleasant smells with the enchanting scents of lilacs and roses.

Unless you have a very large bathroom, you probably don’t keep much furniture there. You may, however, have one or two small seats that you keep in the corner or in front of a mirror. If those seats have floral patterns on them, it’s time to find replacements that look more modern.

You’ll need to do more than replace a piece of furniture if your bathroom is covered in floral wallpaper and other types of decorations. The floral trend ended a long time ago. At some point over the next year, you should try to find time to update the room’s aesthetic. It only takes a weekend to replace the wallpaper in a bathroom.
Replace Floral Patio Furniture

Some people use floral patio furniture as if they’re added small gardens to their yards. They love weather-resistant cloth covered in flowers. It’s hard to understand why considering that this trend in outdoor furniture ended decades ago.

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Today’s patio furniture emphasize bold, solid colors or striped patterns. The material used to cover cushions has also improved over the last dozen or so years. By replacing your old patio furniture, you can trade your floral patterns for cloth that dries quickly and resists mold. It will improve the appearance and health of your patio.
Keep Floral Furnishings Out of the Kitchen

Kitchen décor has come a long way over the last decade or two. At one time, people liked using fake images of flowers and vegetables in their kitchens. You could find the images sewn into seat cushions, printed on table covers, and hanging on walls.

From now on, lets keep the vegetables in the refrigerator. Modern kitchens don’t emphasize floral decorations, especially when they come on table clothes and furniture. Instead, trendsetters have decided that natural wood, stone counter tops, and easy-to-clean surfaces matter most.

If you still have some floral furnishings in your kitchen, you can find affordable replacements that will give the room a modern feel.

Floral furnishings once played an important role in home decoration, but it has gone out of style. Get affordable replacements that will keep your home looking fresh and inviting.



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