Top 10 Home Improvement Blogs List

The number of Internet users in the world has exceeded billions. It is really a huge human resource, a natural consequence of this and an increase in the number of bloggers. The total number of them on all existing platforms is difficult to calculate. But the network regularly displays ratings of the most influential, most fashionable bloggers for every taste and color.


Home Improvement Blogs

top 10 Home Improvement Blogs


We are now about to know the update of the list of top 10 home improvement blogs. So it will be easy for you to follow the best home improvement blogs.

Young house love

Young house love is the name of Sherry and John’s blog they have begun posting since 2007. They are using the experience they gain of renovating their three houses to help all their followers on the blog. And they also managed to share thousands of DIY projects, write books, and also they started to design products. They are gaining more success every day.

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Remodelista blog has gain success since it was based on four talented friends. the followers of the blog are increasing every day and for that, they have increased the number of editors to twenty.

DIY show off

Roeshel, the blog creator has a passion for designs and decor she also so creative in creating DIY projects. Her talent has helped so many people. She really deserves to be on the top 10 home improvement blogs list.

Ugly duckling house

Ugly duckling house blog is about DIY ideas and projects. Sarah is the blog creator she did her best when she started the work in her new house and she shared her experience to inspire all her followers.

Think crucial

The group who created this think crucial blog tried their best to make it useful to all who decided to follow them. They sell crucial stuff which will surely help you in your house. nad have an interesting home improvement blog.

Bob Vila

Bob Vila blog is about helping people in upgrading their houses. Bob Vila has begun his career 30 years ago. He has hosted a variety of T.V shows which has inspired his lovers to improve their lives.

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We may consider this blog as a gallery for house decorating and designs. Adi and Alon’s blog has been an inspiration for all who was in need to help in remodeling their house.

Retro renovation

In the past years, retro has become a trend so, if you are one of the retro lovers and searching for the best ideas to use at your house, here you can find the inspiration that you need.

Remodel aholic

Cassity made a great job when she started this blog. She found the way to help other people with the best DIY ideas and projects.


Family handyman

This blog is the best place for DIY ideas. The blog offers the resources that will help you make your DIY project in simple steps.

The past ten blogs are the best between the home improvement blogs. They always do their best to help you and they are in need of your opinion to stay in the list of top 10 home improvement blogs.


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