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How to make your interior design modern and stylish, that`s what we will show you with this inspirational home design and decoration ideas.


in 2018, There are many Interior designs you can do, but some of it will fit your home & your style. So, we made this article make it easy for you to take a look at the latest interior design trends in 2018, and see different styles for unique home interior design.


Interior Design Ideas 2018

Although the home interior designs and trends vary by four seasons summer, fall, spring,and winter, but there are broad lines stand out the most important features of the overall decor trends in 2018
today on our blog *DecorationY” we will give you some basic trends and 2018 decorations ideas which will help you to build your own way in your actual home interior design according to the home size and your taste:

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1. by 2018, we find that the bright metal colors such as silver, gold, bronze, copper prevail and suitable for all rooms of the House and you can use them as you like ,both a painting colors ,wallpaper ,upholstery colors ,chandelier and also in room accessories or kitchen interior design.

2. the effectiveness of the design should reflect the style of daily family life, your should serve social activities, meet friends, or work from home, or watch TV. In this context, it is necessary to calculate the number of seats on couches that are buying it , and if you need extra side seats, how to distribute the furniture pieces of hearing soon from the terrace or from any source of ventilation if you smoke, or to be close to the kitchen if you love catering in sessions by selecting the open kitchen design for example.

3. green plants and flowers trend in decoration and still fashion doesn’t end. Always introduce an element of nature into your home interior design by placing flowers or green plants in the living room or the kitchen is suitable for all seasons of the year, according to the science of Feng Shui for the living rooms are a significant positive impact on the energy of the place and home energy paths.

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4. the modern home interior design trends to individual privacy, and emphasizes the idea that mixes elements of different decor styles make the place special nature. In this case, you can with the furniture in your home using modern designs, or blend quietly dark furniture and colorful painting in the background and some colorful accessories. Invented around your home interior design, according to your own taste.

5.  recycling and DIY home decor ideas also suitable for home interior design ideas and trends 2018. The introduction of some DIY home rooms decorating ideas is a great, very elegant and a unique decorative piece for being so according to your taste.

6. This year the pastel colors trend are also very suitable for bedrooms and especially teens rooms and kids bedrooms and also find furniture designs spread popular pastel trend colors very suitable for living rooms for more elegance and beauty.


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