20 Exclusive Stone Patio Designs & Patterns Guide

Stone Patio Designs & Patterns

Stone patio is a sturdy competent material for patios since it has narrow packed joints which make water spread rather than run off. With their various shades of brown, grey and blue, they have a very natural & organic appeal. There are three most common flagstone patio materials used for paving: limestone, slate, and sandstone. If you are looking for long-lasting surfaces for their backyards you should prefer the durable slip-resistant stone patios.

stone patio designs and patterns
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However, there are several benefits to expect when using stone patio: The natural look, the durable material, the natural color variation, and the grass growing between stones. It can also lay dry for permeable surfaces.

flag stone patio designs and patterns
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In addition to that, there are many different stone patio patterns to choose from. However, it can be made with a formal or informal patio look.

Informal & Formal Patio Patterns

You can easily have a formal and an organized stone patio look by selecting random rectangle patterns. This pattern provides a combination sequence with its crossed joints breaking the monotony. It would be a really smooth floor for sliding chairs.

full guide to stone patio patterns
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If you want a formal look, you can select cut stones and lay them in a repeated pattern. Otherwise, get irregular stone shapes and lay them randomly for an informal style. This one is called crazy paving, I personally prefer this one.stone patio informal pattern

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The more informal appearance you want to represent your casual personality you would need an uneven flagstone patio. This way, you’ll emphasize the natural shape of the patios. You can choose whether or not to mortar or fill the gaps with the smallest stones. However, it will be rather a rough surface than smooth, unlike the formal pattern. Because of its different rough edges and small joints. Moreover, this kind of layout would require a sturdy wooden furniture that is also large and wide as not to stick in between the stone patio.

Flagstone Patio Designs

The cost of stone patio differs according to the location. But the quantity & material flagstone needed has the top priority in defining that price. However, the square foot may range between $17 to $29 US dollars. Yeah, that’s expensive, especially for large yards.

Stone patio various pattern designs
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That’s exactly why many homeowners have decided to use stone patio amongst other materials like concrete, bricks, and manufactured pavers. For more information post a comment below!

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Flagstone patio full guide benefits and prices
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When it comes to installing stone patio designs, there are two methods. Whether to mortar flagstones on concrete or to lay it dry on sand and gravel. I definitely recommend the second (cheaper) choice. However, sand and gravel cause an uneven surface that will not be favored underneath patio furniture and outdoor dining tables. So for that issue, you can use concrete under the desired area for furniture only, and sand for the rest.

stone patio prices and install rituals
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Careful to rush into the process of installing stone patio designs for it could end up with undesired results that might cause you to reinstall the whole thing. Think about hiring a professional contractor for landscape designs to ensure your money is healthy invested.

formal pattern stone patio
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Since flagstone designs can vary, the best way to find our your preferences is to check out a lot of styles. And since we are aware of something like that, we have compiled a good gallery with amazing common stone designs that would refresh your mind. Make sure you pin your favorite styles for later you’ll need to show them to your contractor!

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