40 Best Small Living Room Ideas 2018

small living rooms ideas

A big challenge is creating a small living room ideas with modern methods to exploit the space well. But we should be thinking in this situation is to find an appropriate solution! For small living room Ideas. Arrange furniture and wall color plays a fundamental role in the overall look of the place. These are crucial moments if you have a small living room. In this article, we hope you find our ideas and proposals by an incentive for you! Just completed reading the article to the end and you will be inspired!

The use of optical illusions is essential in decoration to show some room bigger and wider than it is.

So we offer you today through this article some tricks for small living rooms ideas decoration:
1. choose colors: in order to seem more living room decor should focus on the bright color choices rather than dark colors. And the recommended colors to suggest a larger recall colors natural white color is best to seem the place more space.

2. lighting: when choosing a living room decor you should pay attention to is the lighting that has a significant impact on the appearance of widening or narrowing it down. To show the room with more space you can use light searchlight that shines on the ceiling it backfires on the rest of the decoration of the ceiling makes informs the living room looks like a higher than he suggests small living room can, and, more importantly, to avoid colored or white lighting because it suggests a lack of space.

3. color: no color diversity abound in a small living room because it would jeopardize its size than to that which was adopted by the uniform color and, of course, you can color gradients that you chose to paint his room. Also, Living room color schemes will be perfect.

4-Accessories: minimize the use of small living room accessories such as flower pots, watches, antiques, antiques and just simple things to decorate a small living room to show size.

black and white living room

contemporary small living room

Are you looking for small living room ideas? We have collected a lot of ideas for the small living room are trendy and traditional. There are design ideas for your living room design such as luxury villas and houses contemporary architect to serve as inspiration for your dream home. Have fun browsing for pictures!

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The trend goes in the small living room ideas largely towards simplicity and comfort at the same time, reduce colors and decorations, lessen the number of furniture pieces, because increasing the furniture and the many colors increase the lack of space, we recommend that you stay away from it

creative small living room

leather small living room

livinf room design ideas

living room 2016

So as to maintain the next natural Roses of the windows, you should choose light colored curtains on the windows and doors such as color white or beige. Also, you can choose a soft cloth, which is volatile with air and gives the impression of an elegant and beautiful.
Pillows play a significant role in the living room decor. Feel free to use the various forms pillows That lend a distinctive elegance to the room, especially if the colors coordinate successfully.

living room design

living room ideas

When using the one color style in the small living room ideas must be format as follows:
1. use one color for the wall painting and furniture color.
2. use a different color for accessories like pillows and rug and curtains.
3. preferably use medium size area rug and not high and leave part of the room floor without carpets.
4. choose a small coffee table design to fit the room.
5. the preferred design for living room window with a large area to makes the place more ventilation and lighting.

living room leather sofa

modern living room

modern small living room design

modern small living room ideas

Best Small living rooms (Tips & Hacks)

A small living room could be a big problem, but we tried our best to collect the best small living room ideas to give you smart solutions. Our priority is to use these small living room ideas perfectly to get amazing results, which will increase the space in your living room.

best small living room ideas

To visually enlarge the room, all designers advice to use

The mirrors

nice small living room ideas

Mirrors will add to your room a few square meters due to reflections. They are a great way to create spaciousness and luminosity in the rooms and that they distribute the light very well. The mirrors will help make the room look bigger than it really is and also the bigger mirror is the better!

The power of light

small living room ideas and types

An aspect that can’t be missing in any small room is that natural light is enhanced. It is very important that natural light is enhanced with both the windows and the painting of the room.

simple small living room ideas

Artificial lighting

great small living room ideas

Artificial lighting also plays a big role in the small living room ideas. Do not dwell on a single chandelier. Create light spots and play shadows through a floor lamp, a desk lamp located on a console or pedestal.

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small living room ideas gallery
fresh home

Use wall sconces to lighting a mirror, or a lamp above the picture. Multilevel lighting will make the living room cozy and chamber.  the highlighted corners will visually help to expand the borders.

The corners

small living room ideas and tips

The use of the corners in a small living room is imperative to take advantage of the spaces. Utilize the corners of the living room and choose a corner shelf.

small living room ideas modren
the wood grain cottage

It is a great match for the shape of the room and also creates excellent storage. If you need to keep things hidden on the shelf, you can choose to place baskets or drawers on the shelf.

nice small living room ideas
driven by decor

A small corner table is also excellent furniture for a small living room. It’s a good way to take advantage of the space in the corners where it can be difficult to place other furniture. Another obvious option is also to place an armchair next to the corner table.

The shelves

small living room ideas ikea

Floating shelves or open shelves are an excellent choice for decorating small living rooms because you can have all your things sorted without having to detract from the length of the room.

 top small living room ideas
oh my dear blog

These types of shelves will help you feel the spaciousness and order in your small living room. You can even remove some closet that you have in the room and change it by floating shelves, it will be spectacular!

Color scheme

small living room ideas lighting

Small rooms are very demanding on the choice of color scheme. If you make a mistake, it will visually reduce the already small area. Try to adhere to light pastel tones, they will allow you to visually increase the space.

small living room ideas modern

Do not be afraid of cold tones, in the living room they are more than appropriate. The combination of blue and green, for example, will help fill the room with freshness. Also, you can use shades of gray, but do not forget to put a few warm accents.

small living room ideas 2017
one decor

White is the undisputed leader in the design of small rooms. White ceilings will help to expand the room. White walls visually erase the boundaries.

colored small living room ideas
house and garden

Using light colors on the floor will add lightness to the room. Now, what are your secrets for your small living room to look more cozy and larger?

modern small livingroom

orange living room ideas

small ;iving room ideas

small grey living room

small living room 2016

small living room decorating

small living room design

small living room ideas

small living room with fireplace

styilsh living room

stylish small living room

unique small living room

white small living room


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