18 Small Backyard Ideas 2017

Small backyard ideas

You don’t need to have a large space to enjoy an amazing and cool backyard design. You only need to use your creativity to turn your small backyard into a private oasis! Here at DecorationY, we think big to solve small problems. So when you need some small backyard ideas, you know you’re in the right place for that if you’re reading this.


Small backyard ideas

  • don’t be afraid of the idea of getting a small swimming pool in your backyard, it is really a great idea. Though it doesn’t have to be as big as to crowd your small backyard. Hire a professional for this idea.
  • The colorful & brighter furniture you use the wider your backyard will look.
  • Reflective sliding mirror doors will double the visual space, so consider applying one!
  • Giving the look of empty space, use hanging planting pots on the walls to plant your backyard in a vertical way and leave the ground empty.
  • Use folding types of furniture, like the folding table and chairs to control your small backyard.
  • If you have no grass, consider using a grass rug. The more green space there is the more lucidity it seemed.
  • Use some of the glowing pebbles to make your backyard glow in the dark.
  • You can add an outdoor movie screen to your backyard with a projector.
  • Add some elegant patio lighting to your backyard.
  • Spray the fence with glow-in-the-dark paint.
  • Install solar lights on the walls.
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Small backyard ideas no grass

Building a narrow lap pool in your backyard is the smart solution if you don’t like grassy backyards. but if it wasn’t easy for you to have one you can turn to some other ideas like:

small backyard ideas - small pool
Some ideas from Pinterest
  1. The gloomy look of the cement tiles could be changed to a cheerful appearance using latex floor paint to color it.
  2. Using some of the glowing pebbles to make your backyard glow in the dark will give an amazing appearance to the backyard without using any grass.
  3. You can use a wooden table with its chairs and surround it with colorful plant pots and install a hammock and a barbecue grill at the corner for a cozy appearance of your backyard.
  4. the new stain-resistant artificial turf will give you a long-lasting green color without any need to use grass.

Small backyard ideas on a budget

You can get a decorated backyard on a budget if you chose the pallet furniture.

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small backyard ideas - no grass

  • All the DIY ideas of the pallet furniture cost nothing compared with other types of furniture, and it’s much prettier!
  • A natural & decorative way to keep mosquitoes away, plant lemongrass in your backyard!
  • If you decide to install a fire pit in the backyard, try to get some of the rainbow fire crystals, it will add amazing colors to firelight at night.

Now, after all these devoted small backyard ideas, let us know what grabbed your attention the most! We love hearing from you! More Decoration Ideas from us.


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