Home Cleaning Tips What To Look For When Purchasing A Leaf Blower

What To Look For When Purchasing A Leaf Blower

What To Look For When Purchasing A Leaf Blower

If the fall season is near, then you will be expecting your property to be covered with fallen leaves. As such, a leaf blower will be necessary to clear out the area from time to time. And if you are searching for a good leaf blower for your home, then you have to take the following factors into consideration before making the purchase.

Purchasing A Leaf Blower Tips

buying leaf blower tips

Gas Vs Electric

The first thing to decide is whether you want an electric or a gas powered leaf blower. An electric blower comes in two variants – a corded one and a cordless one. A corded electric blower can be generally used up to 150 feet from the power outlet. And for distances more than 150 feet, you may have to use a cordless electric blower, which can last for about 15 minutes on a single charge. So, if you have a small property, then a cordless electric blower will serve you well.

You can check out https://bestofmachinery.com/cordless-leaf-blowers/ to find out the pros and cons of some of the top cordless blowers in the market. Coming to the gas powered version, if you have a large property, then you may need to cover distances greater than 150 feet from the power outlet and also spend more than 15 minutes cleaning the area. In such scenarios, you can consider a gas powered blower.

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Noise Levels

Another important consideration is the noise levels of the blower. If you live in a community which prohibits operating machines that make a lot of noise, then you must ensure that the leaf blower you buy works as quiet as possible. Some communities might also ban using blowers explicitly.  As such, you should ideally look to purchase electric blowers since they generate less noise compared to the gas powered ones.


Wheels Vs Handheld Vs Backpack

When it comes to carrying the leaf blowers, you will have three options. The wheel based type is the easiest to move around since you only have to drag them on their wheels. The handheld one is the most portable and also requires the least maintenance. And if you simply want to carry the blower on your back without being concerned with holding onto it all the time, then a backpack type is the one you should select.

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If you will be using the leaf blowers for long durations, then you should also check out its weight. A very heavy machine will inevitably make you feel tired faster, slowing down your work. This, in turn, makes you work longer to finish clearing out an area. As such, you should always look for the lightest machine, which is also easier to carry around from one spot to another. Wheel based types generally weigh around 75 to 200 pound and is the heaviest of all types. In contrast, backpacks weigh around 15 to 20 pounds, and handhelds weigh the least at around 8 to 15 pounds.

So, remember the above tips when buying a leaf blower, and you will eventually be able to select a good one for your home use.




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