6 Tips For Better Shop Window Displays

If you own a shop, then you may have tried to display your products by a window in hopes of getting the attention of the public. While this is a usual promotional method, window displays will not create the impact you are looking for until you properly layout the presentation. And below, we look at six tips that can help you improve your window displays.


Best Shop Window Display Ideas


Eye Level

Always display your products at eye level. Don’t place it too high that people have to look up to see the product, nor too low that they have to look down. Human beings are naturally attracted to things which they see at their eye level. So, exploit this tendency to the fullest. When you place multiple objects together, then you can position a few of them up or down, but the main item must be at eye level only.

Window Themes

Make sure that the window displays a theme. This is more likely to get the interest of the customers than just showing off the products on a stand. For example, if it is the Christmas season, then decorate the window area with stars and tiny tree silhouettes. And if your shop is giving special offers for any Star Wars merchandise, then the window must ideally be dressed with Star Wars figurines and such.

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Group In Three

A good way to bring attention to a product is to present the products in groups of three and to place the main product in the center.  People have a tendency to look at the center of a group of products presented in odd numbers like three.


You should use top quality graphics for your window displays. The more attractive the graphics, the higher your chance of attracting the attention of the public. If you use outdated, low quality graphics, then it will send a wrong message to the people. They might interpret it as meaning that the items you are selling are also of low quality. So, spend a little extra and get a good graphic designer to create attractive window graphics.

No Clutter

Do not overstuff the window display with too many products. If you do that, then the customer may not be able to focus on any single product as they walk by the roadside. As a result, there is less chance that they will stop by to look and inspect the product. So, use only three or four products maximum at your window display, and ensure that there is sufficient space between them.

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Lighting Effects

If you wish to highlight any specific product from a group of products, then the easiest way to do so will be to add special lighting to it. This is especially true during night time. A product which has a spotlight will easily attract the eyes of the public than the surrounding products.

In addition to the above, you will also need good quality product stands to display the items on the windows. And for this, it is recommended that you check out the Melvin Roos Company website and explore the various retail store fixtures on offer.


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