The Most Common Roofing Issues

Most homeowners have likely encountered a roofing issue or two in their time. Sometimes roofing problems arise due to extreme weather conditions, sometimes because of age, and sometimes it’s just plain inevitable. From small leaks to missing shingles, roofs suffer from a number of common ailments that require immediate repair.



More often than not, these roofing issues will demand the attention of a qualified roofing professional. However, it might be handy to have an idea of what to look out for if you suspect you roof is suffering damage. Here’s a list of the most common roofing issues faced by homeowners.

Poor Roof Maintenance

Majority of these roofing issues can be prevented, or the damage caused can be avoided with proper roof maintenance. The most common roofing issue a homeowner faces is lack of roof maintenance. It’s not enough to have a roofing contractor come to your house once a year for an inspection – every homeowner needs to take the time to execute some basic house maintenance to extend the longevity of their roof.

Roof Leaks

Every roofing structure requires adequate drainage. In order for a roof to perform well, it needs to be able to be properly drained. If rainwater does not properly drain from the roof, there are a number of issues that can arise, including roof leaks.

Roof leaks can also occur when flashing on the roof is not properly installed or sealed. Flashing is the metal layer installed over and between roofing junctions that works to deflect water from vulnerable parts of the roofing structure.

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Weathered Gutters

Gutters are there to perform the drainage system for your roof. They often become clogged up with leaves, dirt and debris, and deteriorate with age and strong weather conditions.

When this happens, a few roofing problems can arise. If the gutters are all blocked up, rainwater cannot be properly drained from the roof and this will lead to water pooling and moisture build up. When the dirt, debris, and leaves are not cleared out, an acidic moisture begins to build up and lead to both water overflow and rust forming. Water overflow can lead to leaks, and rust forming on the guttering makes it fragile and weak. Once guttering breaks off the roof from weathering, the entire drainage system fails.

Moss Growth

Moss and algae growth on a roof don’t cause immediate damage, however, overtime, the bacteria will begin to seep into the roof and cause mould and mildew problems for the interior of the house. Moss often grows on older, dirty, terracotta roofing tiles and can be very slippery. Although it may add a rustic charm to the house, moss growth is a minor roofing problem that has the potential to cause significant roofing problems down the road.

Poor Workmanship

A common roofing problem lies within the initial installation or repair of a roof. Often poor workmanship or improper installation can lead to nasty roof complications. As a homeowner, it can be difficult to detect poor workmanship, however, it is something that will be picked up straight away during a professional roofing inspection. The only way to avoid roofing issues from poor workmanship is to rely on reputable roofing companies to undertake your roofing work for you.

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Loose Roof Fixings

In Australia’s extreme climate, the weather can often go from blistering hot to mild to cool overnight. This dramatic change in temperature can cause metal roofing to expand and shrink, resulting in movement and loosening of roof fixings. On tiled roofs, the fixings become loose and cracked over time, which can lead to holes and cracks in the roof. This opens up the opportunity for water or other objects to get under the roof and cause further damage.

Water Ponding

If a roof fails to properly drain water, the water will pool together in the roof valley and create little ponds. This is a clear indication of an unidentified roofing issue. When water ponds, it can put unnecessary pressure on that part of the roof and create a sagging spot in the roof. Water ponds will inevitably lead to moisture build up, rotting beams, house leaks, and water damage if not properly repaired.


More often than not, these common roofing problems can be properly detected and addressed when maintaining your roof. A major part of taking care of your roof is undergoing regular inspections. A professional roof inspector will be able to point out any potential roofing issues and detect the source of roofing problems. It is best to have your roof inspected at least twice a year, and after any big storms.


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