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Keeping a Dog House Warm With Solar Power

Keeping a Dog House Warm With Solar Power
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Pet owners living in locations with frigid winters know how tough this can be for their furry friends. In places like Saskatchewan, Canada, temperatures can drop so low that a dog’s body heat is no longer sufficient to keep him warm inside the dog house. That’s why folks like Louise and Dan Yates who operate K-Lane kennels, in Kronau, Saskatchewan have come up with innovative ways of warming their dog houses – by using solar power.

Heated dog houses are essential in cases where dogs are older or sick and are unable to use their metabolism to generate enough heat for their bodies. They also come in handy where a dog has helped.

Warming dog house with solar power

warming dog house with solar power
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A well-constructed cold weather dog house should have the following features:

  1. An insulated floor which is elevated above the ground – insulated wood is best.
  2. A house that is large enough to allow your dog to turn comfortably but small enough to conserve the dog’s own heat.
  3. The doorway is covered with a flap to keep out the cold.
  4. The house should have an interior windbreak wall to better protect your dog from the elements.
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There are different products in the market for keeping a dog house warm. These include:

Heated Kennel Mat

This is one of the simplest and convenient ways of keeping your dog warm. You just put the heated mat/pad on the floor of the dog house and plug it into a power source. Alternatively, you can hang the mat on the wall to allow the dog to lie against as opposed to on top of it. A word of caution, though: if your dog’s a chewer you may have to look for other heating options.

Heated Dog Bed

These work like kennel mats the only difference being they are used exclusively indoors. They come with a heating strip that’s placed inside the padded bed and produces radiant heat that keeps the surface of the bed several degrees above the ambient air temperature.

Heater box

This is basically a metal box with a light bulb or ceramic emitter inside that heats the dog house in the same way as an egg incubator. It is mounted in an upper corner of the wall so as not to interfere with your dog’s sleeping space.

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AC Unit

You can also install a standalone heater/AC unit to heat your dog’s humble abode. This system is convenient because it automatically regulates the ambient temperature for your pet maintaining it at a comfortable and safe year-round temperature. Also, bear in mind some breeds of dog molt in the summer much more than hypoallergenic breeds, so, for example, thinner brindle haired dogs may need more heating than shaggier haired breeds that don’t molt much at all.


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