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Pallet Bed

Sick of the old traditional beds that usually aren’t a lot of a unique piece in your bedroom? Today, you’ll have the chance to DIY your perfect pallet bed with our simple instructions. We always offer you the hand that helps, please contact us for any further questions/suggestions!


Today the world has abandoned the old ideas and started to emerge from the rigid mold of traditional furniture. With the help of our dedicated team, we present simple step by step instructions until you’re satisfied with your luxury pallet bed design.

Simple Beautiful pallet beds Ideas


DIY Pallet Bed

Now if you’re going to have a pallet bed you need to have chosen the perfect pallets, they’re the main elements and they need to be chosen carefully.

Pallet bed chic and simple

1# Find your pallets

You can buy the pallets from the local business or get them shipped online. There are many ways you can get your pallets, also even for free. However, when you pick them up you need to make sure the pallets don’t smell, look oily, or stained. Use the stamped ones with (H-T), means it was heat treated. Scrub them with bleach and soapy water and lay them out to dry.

2# Sand your pallets

You can buy the electric sander for 30$ Dollars at the local hardware store. Sanding will make the wood easily absorb paint. Make sure you sand all the reachable areas of each pallet, take care to sand all of the edges. Because the more it’s sanded the less the paint will soak in. It’ll take you less than 15 minutes in this step.

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3# Apply paint and polyurethane

At this point, you can always use spray paint to ease the process. However, it’ll limit your color options. So you have two options here; whether you apply paint with a brush or spray paint. Even so, you’ll need to apply polyurethane after it dries (two hours) to protect your pallet bed frame.

Take into consideration if you use white paint, use a water based polyurethane. Oil based poly consequently will turn your white paint into yellow.

4# Attach individual layers

Use an electric drill with a bit to create the hole first. At any rate, it’s the easy way instead of screwing or splitting the wood any other way. Meanwhile, use fewer brackets to make it easier to take apart in any case.

  1. Lay the bottom layer of four pallets first. They should equal around 80 × 100 inches.
  2. Attach mini brackets in the middle sections where the pallets touch together.
  3. Put screws on the two outermost holes of the four holes.
  4. Lay down the top layer of four pallets on top of this and repeat.

5# Attach bottom to top layers

  1. Attach a ten-inch flat straight bracket to each of the corners vertically to attach the bottom & top pallets.
  2. After you finish, you can paint the brackets to hide the different color if you prefer.
  3. Now lay your mattress and prepare your bed. Your new pallet bed is good to go!
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Beautiful simple pallet bed


Pallet Bed Frame

Once you’ve installed your pallet bed correctly, the frame has another story. You can take advantage of the under bed storage as many ways as you can imagine. Moreover, a pallet bed frame storage is way more organized than a traditional bed if you know what I mean!


Pallet beds simple diy

Get creative with pallet bed storage designs

pallet bed designed with under storage


Shoes storage pallet bed

Pallet bed cute bedroom


Pallet Bed With Lights

Thinking what it’s going to take to make it shine? I say once you’ve installed your pallet bed everything else is indeed a total ease!

Luxurious bedroom pallet beds

pallet bed with lights

You only have to get some LED string lights and install them between the top layer and the bottom layer of your pallet bed. If your bed has only one layer you can easily install the LED string lights underneath the bed. LED lights don’t give off a substantial amount of heat, so don’t worry about it!

Pallet bed furniture 

There is no place where you can’t find pallet furniture. You can find it in private homes, coffee shops, on the beach and even at five stars hotels!
DIY pallet beds ideas

Pallet bed total vanity full DIY instructions

As a matter of fact, you can make any kind of furniture using pallets, such as armchairs, sofa, tables, bed, beach chairs, and garden seats. Accordingly, there are no limits of ideas when it comes to using pallets. By designing and making furniture from pallets will be very helpful to show your crafty personality.

Pallet bed style

Simpy and Chic pallet bed

Pallet bed vanity indeed


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