23 Meditation Room Decorating Ideas and Tips

Meditation Room Decorating Ideas

Most of you concentrate on the basics of home design for living room, kitchen, bathroom, including bedrooms while in this day and age, most people are so busy that they are grateful for any chance they get to stop and catch their breath. Meditation Room can help reduce stress and provide the health benefits that come along with stress reduction, such as lowered blood pressure and better sleep at night.Meditation Room Decorating IdeasMeditation Room Decorating for relaxation in the Oriental style

It can produce you clearance, appreciation, and increased knowledge if you get the chance to prepare it, it would improve when you are mourning and when you are feeling annoyed or frustrated. And firstly, you may take a look at this article to learn how to make a meditation room step-by-step.

Tips to have Meditation Room whatever you want it to be:

  • It can be as simple as closing your office door for 5 minutes while you gather your thoughts or taking 5 minutes in the morning when you wake up or 5 minutes in the evening when you go to bed. It can also be as much as a whole separate meditation room in your house that is designed specifically for calming the mind.
  • If you want to achieve the maximum benefits of having a meditation room, you should have some space that is your own.
  • Space should be quiet and somewhere that you can be undisturbed. You’ll want to start by finding a room or even a corner of a room that you can turn into your personal meditation space.
  • It’s important to note that there are no “essentials” for this practice.  All you need is your body and mind. That is the real beauty of the practice.  But many people do like to have a few common items present during meditation to help them relax or feel at home in their meditation space.
  • Of course, you don’t have to use the room solely as a place to become one with the universe. That would be impractical and likely a waste of space. Many people use these rooms for yoga practice, quietly reading books, working on creative projects, or gathering with like-minded friends. The key to creating a meditation room is to create a small sanctuary, no matter how you plan to use the chamber officially.
  • We’ve collected these meditation room ideas from across the web to inspire you. Whether you have a small little nook or a wide open space, you’ll see how you can quickly transform it into a place where you can recharge your soul.Meditation Room Decorating indoor design Meditation Room Decorating in your private room Meditation Room Decorating with quiet and simple space Meditation Room Decorating suitable for yoga Meditation Room Decorating for yoga Meditation Room Decorating in a simple way Meditation Room Decorating in white color Meditation Room Decorating interior design ideas Meditation Room Decorating in open space Meditation Room Decorating in SPA for relaxation

Preferable Meditation Room Decorating Ideas

  1. Clutter-Free and Worry-Free: When creating a meditation room, be a minimalist. You don’t want a cluttered place to be the space where you are trying to clear your mind. Avoid using the same rooms that you do work in, especially because the papers and computers will only stand to remind you of the things you need to do that day.Try having a few simple items like a pillow, yoga mat, and a plant to start. Only use the essentials until other elements become necessary.Meditation Room Decorating clutter-free and worry-free
  2. Bring nature into the room: There’s something incredibly relaxing about having a life-giving plant in the room with you. It will bring a sense of calm into the room and fresh air as well. A peace lily or a Boston fern is great meditation room plants. Plus, these plants are virtually impossible to kill, so you don’t have to worry about any dead plants in the chamber.Meditation Room Decorating with Nature plants for relaxing
  3. Choose good lighting: There is a difference between a stuffy, windowless room and a room full of windows that brings in lots of natural light. A big difference. Natural light brings with it a very calming effect on the body. If at all possible, choose a room that has lots of windows, and you can even open them during your meditation.Meditation Room Decorating with Nature View Meditation Room Decorating - Inspiring Nature View
  4. Space for Two: With the wooden home decor and elements throughout the room, along with the doors that open into a gorgeous backyard, you’ll feel at one with nature in this cozy room. Cushions on the floor give it an Asian feel, and there’s plenty of space for two people to focus on their meditative practices. The large pillow is big enough for laying down, but also adds comfort for those choosing to sit on the smaller pillows. Without a hard wooden floor digging into your ankles as you sit, you’ll have an easier time emptying your mind while taking deep breaths.Meditation Room Decorating with space for two persons
  5. Thinking Big: Unlike most of the rooms you’ll see on this list, this is an incredibly large meditation room that’s probably separate from the main home. The roof keeps rain away, but it’s still open and airy. Would be an ideal space for someone who’s teaching meditation or mindfulness classes because there are areas for many people to sit.Meditation Room Decorating with gorgeous views
  6. Fireside Meditation: The stone walls all but hide the wood-burning stove in the corner of the room, which will make the space toasty throughout the winter months. The variety of green plants throughout the room will keep the space feeling natural year-round and helps the gaze flow seamlessly to the wooded lot outside. The hodge-podge of furniture, including the different styles of chairs, stools, tables, and cushions goes well with those who prefer the shabby chic and Bohemian styles of home decor.Meditation Room Decorating Bohemian style Meditation Room Decorating - Creative style
  7. Indoor Patio: This meditation room idea is unique in that it mimics the look of an outdoor patio inside. Get this look by laying down a wood floor and leaving an ample space around the edges for a rock garden. Candles and flowers help transform the space, and you can choose whether to sit on the cushions on the raised platform or kneel on the bench. With the look of a Japanese temple, you might find it easy to focus on your meditation practice in this space. However, it could also be used as a quiet area to enjoy tea with a friend.Meditation Room Decorating unique styling Meditation Room Decorating solar patio decor
  8. Meditative Disco: While the idea of a disco might not be something you’d immediately think of when it comes to a meditation room, you can see how easy it would be to become transfixed by the light coming through these panels. With a pattern of circular holes cut out, the sliding panels allow light to dance through. It would be interesting to note how the light changes at different times of the day, which could be a good reminder to take a few moments for yourself throughout the day. However, you can also push the panels to the side if you prefer natural light in the space for reading a book.Meditation Room Decorating meditative disco style Meditation Room Decorating studio with disco lighting
  9. Casual Conversation: Check out this space if you’re interested in a meditation room idea that allows you to gather with your friends quickly. Pillows on the floor make up a comfortable place to sit. Note how the top pads can balance on top of two sturdier pillows below, which gives them some support when people lounge back on them. Plants help define the space. The hanging lamp is small, which means that you and your guests will have to watch your heads, but the height is perfect for sitting on the floor. This type of shade will give great ambient lighting for the times when natural light isn’t coming through the windows.Meditation Room Decorating negotiations room Meditation Room Decorating Casual Conversation design
  10. Serene Shades of Blue: Blue is well-known for its calming effects, so it’s wise to use it in your meditation room design. The patterns on the walls have a unique Moroccan feel that’s common to find a place for meditation. Large pillows with different shapes and designs stack against the wall when not in use, but are easy to move around to suit the needs of the room at the time. Put a few out for your meditation practice, or bring them all out for some time spent with friends.Meditation Room Decorating Interior Oriental style Meditation Room Decorating Photo for inspiration
  11. Meditation/Guest Room: Not everyone has a large enough home to offer a separate guest room, but everyone wants to be able to give their guests a comfortable place to sleep. This meditation room idea uses a sofa that’s big enough to act as a bed when needed, but a soft spot for meditation when guests aren’t around. Built-in shelves provide ample space to house inspirational objects. Brightly colored carpet and artwork stand out against the stark white walls, adding interest and happiness to an area. It’s perfect for meditating or just spending some time alone.Meditation Room Decorating in relaxing white color Meditation Room Decorating with sofa for guests
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Things Meditation Room Must-Haves

We rounded up a list of items you can introduce to your space to improve its feng shui, add some visual appeal, and give you a happier, more comfortable meditation experience. Let us know your favorites, and happy meditating!

  • Meditation Pillow: Not only will this piece add a touch of modern decor; it’ll improve the quality of your meditation practice in a physical sense. The Crystal Cove meditation pillow is designed to bring more height to your seated pose, keeping your spine in proper alignment for longer periods of comfortable meditation. It would make with natural materials like a buckwheat hull fill, so it’s healthy for your home and the environment.Meditation Room Decorating Cushions covers Meditation Room Decorating pillow niche with hands
  • Playful patterns: Gorgeous tapestries have long been popular in meditation spaces and yoga studios. Focus in on the beautiful colors and patterns during your practice and enjoy the visual addition to your space. There are many styles available, so you’ll be able to find something that perfectly matches any existing decor scheme.Meditation Room Decorating Simple happy patterns Meditation Room Decorating playful patterns
  • Filtered air: A bit of greenery can immediately bring new life into any room. Adding a potted plant brings an intention of care and nourishment to space, and individual plants are known for their air-purifying qualities. Plus, they’re pretty darn photogenic.Meditation Room Decorating individual greenery Meditation Room Decorating Space area and potted plant
  • Healing energy: If you’re not privy to suppose healing magic of individual crystal pieces, a simple search on Google or Pinterest will point you to plenty of beginners’ guides. Once you learn about the uses and meanings behind different crystals, choose one that speaks to your needs. For example, Quartz can ease feelings of anxiety and Opal is known for boosting inspiration and creativity. Bring your chosen stone into your meditation space or keep it close to your body to harness its healing powers.Meditation Room Decorating Different crystals for healing Meditation Room Decorating - Meditation Crystals
  • Aromatherapy: It’s hard not to feel relaxed when your space is filling with the calming scents of lavender, white tea, and mint. Light an aromatherapy candle and feel the stress melt away.Meditation Room Decorating Cleansing fire candles Meditation Room Decorating - Meditation with a candle
  • Eliminate negative vibes: Lighting a smudge stick of sage, and other dried floral can cleanse your space of negative energy. We recommend burning sage before you sit down on your meditation pillow to create the perfect ambiance in the room.Meditation Room Decorating burning stick sage Meditation Room Decorating Incense sticksIn the end, your goal should not be to create a space that looks like the inside of a temple or church but to design a spot that fits with your home design and makes you feel centered. That looks different for different people. Hopefully, we’ve given you enough inspiration to get started on the right path to choosing meditation room decor that’s right for you. In no time at all, you could be relaxing and focusing your mind.
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Check out the below Gallery for yourself for more Meditation Room Decorating Ideas.


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