Home Decorations Why vinyl floors are trendy in 2017 ?

Why vinyl floors are trendy in 2017 ?

Why vinyl floors are trendy in 2017 ?

vinyl floors

Thanks to technological development, quality and feel of vinyl floors have improved significantly in recent years. Price plus high quality made it the most popular flooring in living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The fact that today the vinyl flooring becoming the perfect alternative to parquet and ceramics.

Vinyl floors

According to modern design trends for 2017, primarily became the vinyl flooring. And really beautiful designs available in the market. There is a large selection of colors and patterns to almost vinyl flooring. Also, the old accusation that hazardous substances vinyl flooring long outdated. Like other floor coverings, vinyl made according to standard specifications, and it doesn’t have any damage.

Brown wood floors
living room floor ideas

The benefits of vinyl floors:
Vinyl flooring are useful for noise and swallow the paint in the room, and then a positive impact on the living environment. Optionally, also contains integrated audio vinyl flooring so flooring absorption, vinyl is very good and easy to put. Subsequent cleaning is done easily with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. Not only in the living room, and even in the bathroom, so you can use the floor wet rooms and vinyl floors. Here, we use a water resistant adhesive.

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wooden floors
Parquet floor

Cons of vinyl floors:

By cons, it thin layer vinyl floors, the vinyl mode should therefore always be on stilts. In addition, furniture or heavy objects can damage the flooring types is not reliable in the long term. Vinyl floor not quite water-resistant and can be cleaned until just damp, but not wet. Remove the vinyl layer take time. Because they are glued, and you must place here carefully.
In addition, there should be no vinyl on the carpet. This is by no means replaces the impact sound insulation, but may be a cause of mold growth in the future. However, tiles, suitable underground. Here, the block should provide a flat surface. It is also recommended to isolate the sound.

gray floors
Gray living room floor ideas

Whether at home or in the Office or in a commercial environment, it is the best vinyl flooring in flooring 2017.

Kitchen floors
wooden kitchen floor


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modern Vinyl floors
vinyl living room floor


unique floors
vinyl floor kitchen
Vinyl flooring
Gray vinyl flooring
wood floors
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