Beautiful glass candles decoration for a house full of romance


The candles symbolize romance and her special charm in home decorations, and recently appeared in multiple forms candle types glass and pottery and other scented or floating, and experts and decorators advised to resort to decorating the houses with these candles that give an attractive look in the corners of the House, especially for married couples because they lend romance and charm to the place.

romantic candles

If you want to give some new changes In your home decor, candles of brilliant ideas that you can use to decorate your home in innovative ways. In addition, to give more romance and beauty and quiet to the place, making it convenient to nerves and exothermic to negative energy from the House. One of the best places that look great when you place scented candle and romance in the bedrooms and a bathroom.

candle decorations 2016

Some important notes before using candles decoration:

1. safety is an important factor when using candles in your home decor, so avoid leaving long lit candle unobserved and make sure you always put them on a heat resistant surface, away from any flammable materials or fabrics.

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candle ideas

2. be careful when using the scented candles, if you want to decorate the House with scented candle make sure blending scents that go along together and are not in contradiction, for example, you can blend the smell of cinnamon and apples as they go perfectly together.

glass candle 2016

3. make sure not to scented candle at mealtime so you don’t get mixed up her scent with the smell of food.

glass candle ideas

4. Candle are the perfect idea to decorate your coffee table. Especially when put beside it a number of books with thick blankets and a small vase filled with flowers so it’ll look fabulous and special for the coffee table, enjoy reading your favorite book in a relaxing atmosphere.

glass candle decor

5. feel free to decorate the fireplace with some candle to look unique and different.

modern glass candle

6. distinctive ideas to decorate the House with a candle, used in decorating for the middle of the dinner table, for dinner more romantic.

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romantic candle

7. you can also make beautiful DIY romantic glass candle for your home. If you have a heat resistant glass cups, put small candle with units elegantly Cup format.

simple glass candle

You can browse through different websites to find other ideas there are more ideas from which you can decorate your home with stylish candles for more beauty and romance. If your own ideas we are happy to share with us for more useful.


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