Home Interior Design 30 Mansion Interior and Victorian Floor Plans

30 Mansion Interior and Victorian Floor Plans

30 Mansion Interior and Victorian Floor Plans

Here you can find almost everything about Victorian mansion whatever you want (mansion interior, furniture, colors, Victorian gothic mansion interior, and Victorian mansion floor plans.)

Many people use the term the Victorian mansion interior referring to the Victorian era style. But there is a difference between them. That the Victorian era begins in the year 1837 when Queen Victoria accedes to the throne of England and ends in 1901. During this period of industrialization, many innovations in architecture arose and in other areas like the transport.

Victorian mansion

In both England and the United States Victorian architecture emerged based on a revival of old architectural styles sometimes pure and sometimes combined. Among them was the Gothic, Romanesque, Queen Anne, second empire, italicizing or classical.

best victorian mansion

The Victorian era coincided with British immigration to North America. That is when the Victorian mansion began when the US improved its economic and social level and the construction of houses had a great boom. Books with plans were published and the sale of models of houses began to emerge that expanded this “Victorian style” throughout the country.

perfect victorian mansion

total victorian mansion

Victoria Mansion in some simple words is the practical and bright side of the architectural Victorian style. Mansion interior has many features which made it more popular.

The rich ornamentation used in all variations of style is one of its features. Another feature is the abundance of housing extensions such as porches, galleries, bow windows, towers, etc.

wonderful victorian mansion

The other characteristic quality is creativity and diversity in the plans, facades, and materials.

magnificent victorian mansion

The Gables at the end of the ceilings, lintels, window frames, ceramic tiles, a mixture of two brick colors, different stairs and general decoration of the facade, distinguish all the variants of this architecture.

gigantic victorian mansion

Mansion Interior

splendid victorian mansion

The Mansion interior at present time is not as lavish and excessive as at that time however we can imprint our spaces in this style following some small guidelines that will make this style easily identifiable.

fancy victorian mansion

The colors

luxurious victorian mansion
This style is a good option for all those people who are lovers of the traditional, the history and the old pieces. it will be perfect as a mansion interior.

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fine victorian mansion

In the case of colors, this style uses much the vivid colors in dark shades; the use of the wood in the interiors is fundamental and can be used in paintings or furniture.
Red, brown, green and gold are classic colors in this style but as I have said before in dark tones, wallpaper is also a classic of this style since in Anglo-Saxon architecture for a long time and even today the wallpaper has been used as a symbol in decoration.

lovely victorian mansion
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likable victorian mansion

Another fundamental point in this style is the use of fabrics, textiles were very important at that time as the fabric industry was one of the first to develop due to the great industrial movement that emerged in Europe. The fabrics that are most used in this style are velvets with floral prints and we can see in upholstery and curtains basically, embroidery is a very typical of this style.

Mansion Furniture

leading victorian mansion
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The furniture of this style is usually wooden and is usually large and striking, the vast majority of these types of furniture were made and hand carved with many ornaments and undulating lines. The chairs are spectacular and attractive because of their upholstery but they are usually very heavy.

the preferable victorian mansion


another very important element of this decorative style are the mirrors, we can also use them to give greater luminosity and spaciousness to space so if you plan to decorate your house in this style remember to use mirrors.

the entire look of victorian mansion
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The accessories

the amazing victorian mansion
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In the case of accessories, you can use some statues or some collectible items that you want to be the center of attention.

the adorable victorian mansion
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Black and white photographs with ornate wood frames are an inexpensive way to give that luxurious look that we need in designing this style.

a gigantic collection of victorian mansion


the elegant victorian mansion

You can use the chandeliers that were used at that time. It will give us that feeling of luxury and elegance which this style represents.
Many people feel identified with this style, nowadays everything retro is returning to be a trend and this style is no exception. In particular, I am a fan of these styles more than anything. They lend themselves much to the recycling of old objects that we can have at home. And that we think there is no value, however, all these elements can fit the perfection in these decorative styles that are very striking.

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the splendid victorian mansion
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Victorian mansion floor plans

In the mid-nineteenth century, the country lived a maximum period of splendor. There were prosperity and peace and with the profits gained from the expansion, as well as the heyday of the Industrial Revolution allowed the middle class to develop.

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This behavior completely changed the way of living. The creation of a lower floor (basement) was the dependencies of services and the emergence of the “bathroom” as an independent place for personal care. From there, this style spread to all of United States.
Victorian mansion floor plans were about tall buildings full of angles, towers and many doors and windows. The balcony with rounded corners is highlighted, used not only on the main facade but on all sides of the house.

the deluxe victorian mansion
Large windows with checkered partitions and wooden shutters painted in vibrant tones. The bay window appears as a highlight on the facade.
Panoramic windows with guillotine opening are the most used.

the common victorian mansion
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Wooden trimmings with iron details on both doors and windows adorn the facade.
The roof is highlighted by the height and angulations. The most used tile is made with sheet metal or slate in dark tones, such as gray.

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Victorian gothic mansion interior

the leading victorian mansion

The houses are colorful. The facades are painted in colors like red, brown earth and green. Often, facades are painted in two or more colors. The frames and details are painted in light tones, such as white and beige that contrasts with the dark tones of the walls. that will give you perfect Victorian gothic mansion interior.

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The main feature of the Victorian gothic mansion interior is the dressing.
Highlights are shapely columns, elaborate beams, stone finishes, wrought iron and lots of wood, as well as arches and pediments.

nice victorian mansion

I hope they build homes like this much more.

the popular victorian mansion
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