8 Contemporary Studio Apartment Ideas to Fall in Love With

Studio Apartment

Decorating a small studio apartment requires more creativity to maximize the space and create a decorative process and unique at the same time. Even if the small studio apartment should reflect your lifestyle through the furniture and some smart solutions that help in space well.


Studio Apartment design

What should you do? and what you should not allow when setting up the small apartment?
Our article today about how to design a small studio apartment, so we want to give you some general rules to create a small studio apartment. As you choose a decoration bungalow is often confusing. You need to take sound decisions compatible with apartment area plus a few personal creativity or creative decorator for modern and stylish Studio apartment and the organization is free from any clutter through the use of smart volumes and furnishings and elegant at the same time.

these rules and important tips to help you choose a perfect design for a small studio apartment according to decor trends 2016 :

Tips For Studio Apartment Ideas:

1. Organization and classification the places:
When arranging furniture in a small apartment must take into mind the openings, doorways, Windows and doors, so you divide areas ideally, allocate a relaxation area ” bedroom “, and living area during the day and walked in, and dining area with cooking area.

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Studio Apartment Ideas


To decorate a small apartment in a modern and economical we can divide our environment into 3 areas. There are some limitations must be respected, especially for kitchen and bedroom or kitchen or household appliances should we choose the location from where the discharge setting and sleeping area and should not be disturbed by the doors or Windows. We can take advantage of the light in the living room, the place where you are staying more time during the day, where you can receive any guests.

Small Apartment Ideas


2. living and dining area:
The dining area features a central table, the practical solution allows you to vary the number of places, from 4 to 6 or 8 in cases of increased availability of space. The table will be placed in the middle of the living room, and placed near a sofa that will provide the rest of the area. The ideal sofa 3 seats and you can also opt for a sofa to match furniture, or a more eccentric, with the possibility of changing colors.

Small Studio Apartment


There are many models that have a small footprint and can be placed in less than 2 meters in space. Space along the wall the couch you can easily restore before installing some shelves, simply place it at a height of no more than one meter and 70. Optimal solution shelves to save space.
To complete our relaxing we recommend putting a wall tv equipped for the couch, so, in this case, does not deal with the walls where there are openings and doors.

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Small Apartment with loft bed


3. the colors can make feeling more space:
For decorating a small studio apartment choose very light colors shown definitely increase the brightness and make the idea of open space. To reclaim space we recommend furniture with secret compartments; for example, a piece of furniture that hides the washer and releases have many drawers are available.

Tiny Apartment


4-bedroom (our relaxation area at night):
With regard to the bedroom, you don’t have to be too large, on a bed and a small closet be able to meet the demands, in the room you have to sleep is not an environment in which you live. Great idea wherever possible and is sleeping area with window masking

Small Apartment design
Creative studio a partment decorating ideas


Contemporary Apartment
Simple & colorful small apartment interior decor


Studio Apartment 2016
Mixing a gray, white and red color for more unique studio apartment design



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