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I’ve never had a burning desire to look at what else is “out there”, so I think I’ll stick to what I’ve developed with my team in-house.


The nourish is a very good product; it’s essentially a nicely balance biostim cocktail, based on ingredient proportions I’ve proven in real-time field use over many years.


You can Get More Organic Approach and Hyphalink Nourkish from https://www.organicapproach.com

Nourish, if reconstituted in VERY warm water, using a 5-gal paint pail paddle bit on the end of a drill to stir, should dissolve everything. The dissolution process is NOT instantaneous, so keep the VERY warm water stirring vigorously for a while.  Also, don’t throw all the powder in at once; instead, sift the powder into the VERY warm vigorously stirring water SLOWLY, so the water can receive it and dissolve it at a reasonable rate of speed.  NOTE:  I strongly recommend that you start the drill/paddle bit spinning in the clean water BEFORE adding any soluble powder; this way, if the paddle bit jumps from 0 to 60 mph all at once & splashes water up onto you or out onto the garage floor, at least it will be clear water and not a potentially staining brown concentrate. Mind you, this is all common sense of course, but even I have made this mistake myself many years ago and ended up wearing dark brown clothes for the rest of the day.

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The nourish is 100% soluble; hence, if you end up with stuff floating, sinking, or sticking to the walls of your pail, that simply means your water was too cold, you threw all the powder in at once, you didn’t stir long enough, etc…

Again, I know all this because I’ve done it many times.

I will never divulge all of the ingredients in the Nourish, or any of our OEM products for that matter, as I’ve learned that this makes it too easy for competitors who do choose to emulate other manufacturer’s products.  Unfortunately, in today’s very fast-paced computer world, one can release a new product today, and an identical product can appear, label & all, on a competing site in less than a week.  With employees, their families and my own family to care for, the “secrets will have to remain in the sauce”. I also learned this lesson the hard way many years ago.

If/when you want to add some NPK to your

*** Never reconstitute more of the Nourish than you plan to use in a day or two. Nourish has no inorganic stabilizer in it (because it’s organic of course), so it will go biological as soon as it hits the water, and even more so when it hits the VERY warm water. Yes, we designed Nourish to go biological, and it does!  If you make a quart or gallon of concentrate, use what you need, and put the balance into an old fridge to chill it down, then it will keep considerably longer.

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*** If you don’t want to deal with the stabilization issues, then you can look at the Influence product which has been formulated for consumer convenience.  This product is very similar to Nourish & works exceptionally well, but it is a liquid concentrate.

*** Remember, these are biostim products (Nourish & Influence), they enhance many of the subtleties (important subtleties) that most people don’t necessarily recognize (flowers, fruiting, rooting, stress resistance, etc.). If you would want some of the “eye candy” push that a traditional NPK tends to deliver, and if you want an NPK that is all natural and/or organic, then you’ll need to add some of our GroBiotix SFS (dry soluble powder with 14% N), Nature’s Essence FH (2-3-1 liquid fish concentrate), OALC 5-0-3 or 5-0-0 (simple, clean, very flowable liquid concentrate fertilizers), etc…

*** Finally, at the end of the day, liquid applications won’t optimize your soil microbial health; you will need to make some annual wholesome granular microbial food applications, to keep your soil team happy.  Think about it, would you be happy living on juicing 100% of your life, never enjoying a little solid food intake; not likely.


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