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The Living Room Cleaning Checklist

The Living Room Cleaning Checklist

The living room is usually the one which needs to be cleaned everyday and sometimes twice a day, especially if you have kids. That’s why almost every one of us have a living room cleaning checklist to help us clean our living room as fast and as easy as possible.

living room cleaning checklist

The main chores listed in every living room cleaning checklist are alike, but sometimes you may find some differences. So let’s check what super housewives see as the best living room cleaning checklist that ensures an intense cleanup.

Living room cleaning checklist

1- Do a fast living room clean up

Start with a fast living room cleanup to get rid of the clutter and remove any toys, kitchen tools, etc. Don’t clean the floor or dust as we will do it later.

2- Remove dust from the ceiling and corners of walls.

Now, we will start by cleaning the dust from the living room ceiling and corners of walls. You may need to wash the dirty spots on the walls.

3- Dust the art and photographs

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Surely, you have some art and photographs along the walls in the living room. Dust them carefully with a wet clean cloth. Stay away from any spray cleaner or water as you’ll hurt the wooden frame and the picture itself if it seeps behind the glass.

4- Clean the ceiling fans or Airconditioners

Dust accumulates in the ceiling fans and Air Conditioners so they must be cleaned up carefully. Clean the fan and fan blades gently, keep water away from the light fixtures.

5- Remove the curtains and blinds.

Take off all the curtains and blinds, and wash them. Read the manufacturer’s directions clearly and follow his instructions.

6- Clean the windows

Dust and wash the windowsills and corners, then clean the screens from the inside and outside. Vacuum them carefully then replace them.

7- Clean the chairs and couches

Make sure to use appropriate tools to clean the couches, chairs, slipcovers, accent pillows, etc.
Use a vacuum cleaner, upholstery spot cleaner or just a wet cloth.

8- Dust down the library

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Whether you have a library in your living room or just a few shelves carrying books, remove the books and clean it up.

9- Clean the entertainment

Don’t forget to wipe all the tables, electronics especially the DVD and television screen.

What’s left?

Finally, it is time to clean the carpets and rugs as well as all the doormats inside and outside your doorways. Wash them, dust them off, wipe them with a wet cloth and do whatever needs to ensure a 100% cleaning.

This is the top living room cleaning checklist followed by most top housewives, so consider it the next time you clean your living room. If you are in LA and searching for the best Home cleaning services I recommended SwiftClean Company.


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