Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn Components and Tips

Hydro mousse liquid lawn is designed to be environmentally friendly, the Spray Mousse is designed with Spray n stay technology that reduces soil surface stress and increases seed adhesion to soil, while increasing its water absorption capacity.



Each product pack contains 100 square feet of water and a mixture of seeds that can perfectly homogenize the grass you currently have. Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn is ideal for use in areas such as shade areas, play areas, It has dense movement, and seeds grow at different temperatures.

To get deeper into Hydro Mousse calls for important aspects of its functions.

How it works

This product applies a hydroseeding system or a so-called hydro mulching, which includes the use of a hose to spray a special mixture containing water and high quality seeds, with compost, and some soil-treated materials that are improved for their properties.

Hydroseeding is usually used for handling large areas of land such as areas that have been burned and to control corrosion. This system requires application by trained professionals, but in the presence of Hydro Mousse, it is possible to take advantage of all the features of the Hydroseeding system but for small spaces, and do not need to be a professional.

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What are the components of Hydro Mousse

As indicated above, the mixture contains high-quality seeds, water and some soil-enhancing materials, but the only dilution element found in the liquid lawn’s ‘hgg’ blend is alpha olefin sulfonate (15%).

The rest of the ratio includes:

  • Xtreme Green Tall Fescue 39.94%
  • Corsair Kentucky Bluegrass 19.82%
  • Radar Chewings Fescue 19.77%
  • Academy III Perennial Ryegrass 19.55%

The quality of the grass depends on several factors such as climate (humidity in the atmosphere), type of soil (sand or clay), and other factors related to grass-covered spot, such as sun exposure, movement density at average.

The result of this active ingredient is the presence of a highly tolerant herb, resistant to difficult climatic conditions and also able to adapt to various soil types (even in extremely dry areas).

Ease of use

The use of Hydro Mousse requires some preparation for the place where the product will be applied. Even if it is a small area, it requires the removal of any dead plants, soil relaxation and soil erosion, and soil irrigation three times a day after the use of Hydro Mousse.

Customer evaluation

Despite the manufacturer’s claim that Hydro Mousse is the best home solution for Hydroseeding technology, customer experiences and comments have identified a number of problems, the first of which was the difficulty of handling the package because the contents of the package did not come out properly, at the bottom of the container, but this problem is easy to solve if the user opens the lid with his hand and pour the mixture manually.

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Numerous clients revealed that the container trigger appeared in the business isn’t useful. Rather, when you turn on your water, they showed everything in the jug turns out at the same time (counting the mousse and the seeds), which implied there isn’t a capacity to spot treat.


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