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American Home Shield Review

American Home Shield Review

The process of selecting a home warranty can be challenging and complex, but at American Home Shield, it is easier for anyone to choose the service and plans. Although there are plenty of companies with different plans, we will help you understand why AHS is the right provider and its plans. Customers can choose from four pre-set plans, including one that is custom-built by the buyer. They can also backdate coverage to when they moved in as long as they meet the right conditions. If you choose the right plan, you can have appliance coverage, systems coverage, or a combination of the two. Unlike other companies, American Home Shield keeps its costs competitive and flexible.

Overview of American Home Shield warranty program

Besides covering over 20 appliances and systems, this company offers optional coverage for pools, wells and septic systems, guest units, instant hot and cold water dispensers, ceiling fans, built-in food centers, and instant hot and cold water dispensers. Despite American Home Shield offering only a 60-day workmanship guarantee, it has access to a network of 15,000 independent contractors and 45,000 service technicians to do the repair work. Are there any other perks? Yes, before starting the plan, the company does not require any home inspection of the client. The various AHS plans provide flexibility to the customer since the service fee amount can be chosen from a pre-defined goal. Choosing a higher service fee typically lowers the monthly premium and vice versa. In the case of any prospective buyer looking to get insurance for their home but does not want to pay for more coverage than they need, American Home Shield is a good option.

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Benefits of American Home Shield

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Number of plans: 3

Premium cost: $40–$58 per month

Service fee: $75–$125

State availability: 49 states (all except Alaska)

BBB Rating: B

Years in business: 50

Superlative: Best Overall

American Home Shield Features & Drawbacks


  • A leading provider of home warranty services
  • Has a BBB accreditation
  • Service fees are flexible


Offers only five optional add-ons

Some premiums are more expensive than others

Note: Homeowners can choose a $75, $100, or $125 service fee from American Home Shield. The cost of optional add-ons varies depending on the specific items selected by each company. An annual home warranty costs an average of $40 to $180 for each optional item.

On https://observer.com/2021/08/american-home-shield/, you will find information on various home warranty services and plans, allowing you to compare policies and choose the best plan. The home warranty plans offered by American Home Shield are generally the best choice for a person wanting to customize their coverage. If a customer wants a more extended guarantee on workmanship, they may wish to buy it from another company. The fact that American Home Shield covers 49 states is another benefit to avail from. With more than 15,000 independent contractors to choose from, this plan can be a solid choice for your home warranty needs.

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Customer Reviews

The BBB has accredited American Home Shield and currently gives it a B rating. The BBB does not accredit their competitor Home Service Club, and it holds a C rating. Nevertheless, the BBB notes a pattern of complaints regarding The Home Service Club’s customer service department, which is why AHS is a better choice any day.

According to Consumer Affairs, American Home Shield has more than 19,000 customer reviews. The company has achieved an impressive 4.4 rating out of 5 stars. This shows that the company has high customer satisfaction ratings and that anyone choosing them for their home warranty can expect a good experience.


Customers often say American Home Shield provides excellent customer service and excellent coverage. Thanks to their extensive warranty coverage, American Home Shield customers do not need to worry about repairing or replacing appliances or systems that break down.


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