How to make a cute corner bookmarks DIY step by step

DIY bookmarks

Why we use corner bookmarks ?

The goal of this idea to make reading more fun and entertaining, some pleasure reading and especially for children when reading bedtime stories are of hobbies and a source of inspirationو creativity, energy, and imagination.


The funny corner DIY bookmark is fun to use and send a gift: little pigs, frogs or book monsters that are pushed as a bookmark on the corner of the page. Find the instructions for your child.


corner bookmarks ideas

There are many ideas and variety DIY bookmarks ideas to make a corner bookmark with pretty and nice forms for adults and kids, in the pictures below we review simple and elegant set of DIY crafts ideas to make reading more fun and exciting

What is already a book without bookmark? The next day I’m looking for the right page and the actual reading pleasure is back. Let us make a bookmark and give away to friends and our kids. These instructions can be extended and vary.

 You need to first bookmark:
1. a pair of scissors
2-face sticker
3-color pencils
4. a pencil
5. glue


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You can simply slide so corner bookmark on the corner of the page and already you never forget where you stopped reading. And right they are cute too, or?

corner bookmarks

this video also explains the steps for making another corner bookmark ideas you will love it so much.


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