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How to make a canopy bed easily without buying a new bed

How to make a canopy bed easily without buying a new bed

canopy bed

The Canopy bed is classical, elegant and creative style idea to the bedroom, and disseminate a luxury and royal atmosphere by type of fabrics used in bed curtain. As modern method also involves using modern canopy bed designs be his curtains from the middle of the ceiling above the bed and extending down the bed to fully contained in soft designs, elegant and simple form.

canopy bed curtains style
DIY canopy bed

As the canopy bed has many benefits besides the elegant form:
1. avoid insect bites and mosquito
2. more specific design.
3. avoid the light during sleep
4. helps quiet sleep
5. gives you more warmth.

This photo collection classic and modern canopy bed design to suit all preferences:

what about this canopy bed ideas

If you are bored of your bed design and want to renew the bed shape in order to update the bedroom style, how about turning your bed to stylish canopy bed for more luxurious bedroom.

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You can design simple DIY canopy bed by following some simple steps,

How to make canopy bed 

Items required:

Tape measure
Curtain fabric as desired
An electric screwdriver
Action steps:
1. measure the length and width of the bed, if you have a four columns bed, you need to measure the distance between them, but if there were no columns to hang the curtains by measuring the length of the bed only.
2. measure the distance between the ceiling and the floor or the top of the columns bed and floor to see the measurement you need the length of the curtains, as for the bed which contains no columns will install curtain rods on the ceiling so you will need to stretch panels between the ceiling and the floor.
3. buy suitable length curtains and showing enough distance between the columns bed and its length and width.
4. use latitude and longitude measurements before you start measuring and determining where you will prove the balance and this may need a mobile ladder to do this because the column-free bed; you would put a curtain rod mountings on the ceiling, make specific positioning with a Sharpie.
5. stand up the ladder and use a screwdriver to install the curtain in the ceiling, or inside the bars of the bed, you’ll need to develop or install at least six arcs to create three panels curtains on the bottom and sides of the bed, if the bed in the center of the room you will need in this case to the 4 walls of curtains.
6. put the necessary amount of curtain panels within each curtain rod, curtain rod “adjust size needed, and put the pins into the brackets on the ceiling or saddle bedpost.
7. unfold the blinds panels to ensure that they provide adequate coverage, and add more if needed.


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