How To Fix Foundation Wall Leak

Foundation wall leak is a very common problem which you may experience at your place. Many think that this defect may be the result of construction that took place in the beginning. This is one of the reasons, but the another reason is that it is the natural forces and some extraordinary catastrophe which has caused this problem. It is most evident with the basement leakage problems.

There could be many reasons behind the foundation wall leak but we have to analyze properly and know the original sources to prevent this from happening time and time again. You must take account of these possibilities if you are repairing the leakage.

Follow the process below and you will resolve the problem soon.

Spot The Leak: To rectify the problem, first step is to spot the leak. You must know the cause of the leakage, and should be able to spot the position of the leak. Just fixing the wall will not solve your problem as the actual source of the leak is still present. Finding the accurate spot will help you in repairing the wall leak completely.


Things You Must Consider While Fixing Leakage:

If you find any leakage in the foundation wall, it is evident that exterior foundation cracks are the reason for it as the outside groundwater is pushed through the foundation wall. leaking plumbing is also responsible for the leakage which is often unnoticed by the homeowners. Now, when you are absolutely sure that the leakage is in the foundation wall, you can take the following steps to repair it.

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  • Try to stop the flow of water to the foundation wall and for this foundation wall waterproofing is important from outside.
  • All the voids must be filled from where the water is entering.
  • The water, which reached the basement must be kept in control to stop it reaching the basement floor.


Now, the location of the leak is another thing which must be checked. If there is some gadget on the wall and the leak is behind that, you have to stop the leak from the other side of the wall. After finding the leak, you have to choose the best basement leakage solution to fix the issue. There are certain steps that you must follow to do this easily.


  • The foundation wall needs to be excavated and cleaned perfectly.
  • The cracks in the wall must be filled using hydraulic cement.
  • For quoting the foundation walls, foundation wrap and elastic rubber membrane must be used.
  • After that, the existing weeping tile must be removed and replaced with a new one.
  • Then the soil must be filled in perfectly to make it compact again.

Other Options to Handle Foundation Cracks

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Now, there are people who think that why do they have to follow such a big and hectic process for just a small leak or crack. They don’t like digging the whole foundation. So, there are more options.

  • You can seal the crack from outside by excavating the exterior wall. That way you don’t have to dig inside.
  • Inject some pressure in the cracks from inside to eliminate their existence completely.

Both the basement foundation repair solutions work perfectly in fixing the leaks. You just have to follow the steps perfectly and everything will be fine. The same steps should be followed for repairing the exterior wall leakage issues. If you still have any issue doing that, you can opt for the best basement waterproofing companies near you and take the help of experts. They use  right and advanced methods to resolve wall leak issues and your house will be free of damage in no time.


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