DIY Kitchen Island Plans, Tips & Ideas

DIY Kitchen Island

DIY Plan your kitchen island and get ready to work. Create the perfect work table in your kitchen! In keeping with your needs, and your cooking abilities you should make the kitchen island an essential part in the kitchen. It usually stands in the middle of the kitchen, not only to prepare the food but also as a meeting place for the family.


Find out inspiration kitchen island ideas and How to DIY kitchen island with seating, and Explore best plans, tips, and tricks. Also, these modern kitchen cabinets will help you to have the best kitchen island.


Kitchen islands decor

Each kitchen has different size and entirely different design. So,

  1. When you choose the kitchen island for your own home keep in mind (storage space, appliances, kitchen items).
  2. If you like baking, you will need more space.
  3. If you have kids, you can create a play corner on the kitchen island. Something like a game board for example.
  4. You can equip the kitchen island with extra storage space.
  5. Your kitchen island should be well combined with the whole kitchen’s interior design.

Diy kitchen island ideas

If you want to plan and design your kitchen entirely without the help of a designer or architect, and want to avoid mistakes and plan everything within your budget. We will give you tips on how to build a kitchen island yourself. and before that, you can read about latest kitchen color schemes. that will help you to make a good finish.

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  • Take the dimensions of the kitchen.
  • Get two old dresser or cabinets.
  • Get a kitchen counter of your choice.
  • Backboard, combination screw, some nails, and special glue for wood.
  • Now You have to screw the two cabinets together with the nails from the inside.
  • Measure the length and width of the new cabinet.
  • Cut the backboard according to your dimensions.
  • Glue the workbench to the cabinet and screw nails for fastening.
  • Attach the worktop, Glue it and wait until it dries, and done!
  • Use the decoration that makes the kitchen island fit the rest of the kitchen. you can take a look at these DIY kitchen decor ideas It will help you to decorate your kitchen on a budget.DIY kitchen decor ideas It will help you to decorate your kitchen on a budget.
Kitchen island ideas diy
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diy kitchen islands ideas

Diy Kitchen Island with seating

How you can determine how much seating you need at the kitchen island. It is recommended to leave at least 90 c.m on all sides of an island, so as not to disturb the traffic.

  • Seating on three sides. In very spacious kitchens, a large kitchen island can offer plenty of space for several people.
  • Seating only along one or two sides of the kitchen island is a good option for large kitchens.
  • Seating at one or both short ends of the island where you can also group some chairs.
  • In tiny kitchens, where the place is not enough, you can arrange some seating in the corner by adding an extension of the island.
  • The three basic options for the height of the seats around a kitchen island are bar chairs, chairs or bar-height seats.
  • Stools are great in small kitchens. They can easily slide under the kitchen island to preserve some space. Check here
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DIY kitchen island
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Diy kitchen island with seating

Farmhouse inspired kitchen island
source: DIYnetwork

DIY kitchen island plans

Follow these kitchen island plans to get the perfect DIY kitchen island. For any further questions don’t hesitate on the comments below!

diy kitchen island plan
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diy kitchen island plans

How to DIY Kitchen island
tutorial: MamaSarah

diy kitchen island plan ideas

Diy kitchen island plans follow
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diy kitchen island step by step


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