Nautical Decor Ideas for Bedroom, Bathroom & Walls

Nautical Decor

Pure elegance, style, and good taste are the best words to define the style of nautical decor. It is the best way to decorate a house for those who love the sea. It may seem like a bold idea, but taking the idea of nautical style for the decoration of your home furniture is something fascinating and not as difficult as it seems.

house Nautical decorations

We are here to talk about this style, and I am sure that after reading this article you will love to have at least one room decorated in this style. Want to bring the beach feeling into your home? So it’s worth navigating the most creative ideas or even turning the whole environment into a navigational climate by using these inspiring nautical home decor.

Nautical Home Decor Ideas

home decor Nautical decorations

  • Use the shades of blue, white and red, on the walls.
  • The basis of all the nautical decor is the color navy blue.
  • Apply the navy blue color on one of the furniture of the house as on the sofa, in decoration with white and light tones in the rest of the room.
  • If you already have a sofa in light color apply the color navy blue in a curtain or the cushions and rugs or even in a window, but always with a complementary decoration in light tones.
  • Use some prints with stripes, white and red.
  • Apply the colors white and red to complement the environment.
  • Use of thick stripes of equal size or prints of marine animals and nautical objects in the complementation of the environments are also a great option to give a more diversified touch.
  • The decorative boats on the shelves can be the perfect decorative patterns.
  • Using the miniature boats leave the environment with an extreme taste and classy decor.
  • You can take the concept by applying ropes on the stairs.
  • Steering wheels, compasses, diving helmets and ship bells, bottle vessels, ship models, or lighthouses could be used to change your interior design.
  • A frame encrusted with shells and a lamp made of coral are enough to refresh the interior and create a beach atmosphere.
  • Using any of chairs or cabinets decorated with shells of mussels, mirrors, frames, sea star boxes, oyster shells and other sea and beach items will add a sophisticated touch to the design.
  • An aquarium with fish and corals is always welcome to enhance the marine climate.
  • You do not have to use the objects themselves; they can also be paintings, prints, pictures or stickers glued to the walls that represent these objects.
  • The furniture can be white or gradient from white to blue. Use of equal colors with different prints on curtains, cushions, and rugs gives a final touch to the environments. and you can check our list of top 10 best furniture brands for 2017.
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Nautical home decorations

You can choose a specific line as a theme and follow it for decoration, Moby Dick, Kraken, Pirates… unleash your creativeness!

It is possible to go beyond the trends of color and style within nautical home decor and be even more specific taking the legends and stories of the sea to your decoration.

Wall Decor

Let yourself be enchanted by the nautical wall decorations and its fascinating accessories and try to have it your style and your way. You will be amazed by the creativeness and crafts you can do with your own hands & it’ll come up way beautiful than any original you easily buy. Take a look at these DIY nautical wall decor ideas and post your crafts in the comments below, I shall add them to the post under your name :))!

nautical wall decor mussel decorations

How to DIY Nautical decor for walls
Source: the lilypad cottage

Nautical Bathroom Decor

Use candlesticks to bring the beach to your bathroom and lighten it! You need a rectangular glass like a whiskey bottle. Put mussels on the bottom and a tea candle on top of them. Wrap a couple of times twine through the middle of the cup and make a knot or ribbon. There, using a hot silicone or instant glue, place a starfish or a claim to hide the knot. This could be a pretty relaxed & romantic way to add a nautical scent to your bathroom and lighten it.Here you can Find more about bathroom color ideas.
diy nautical decor candlestick ideas

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bathroom nautical decor theme ideas
image source: HGTV
Bathroom nautical decor
Source: House Beautiful

Nautical Theme Decor

For the best add to a nautical theme decor use beach mussels. You need a tall glass jar with a lid, place inside it a layer of sand, shells, different in appearance and size, decorative sea star, or a sea snail, mussels and a few white pearls. Close the lid and tie a ribbon of twine. To make a variation, you can also put a thick candle in the jar. See this tutorial on YouTube.

DIY nautical decor with mussels
Diy nautical decor ideas with mussels
Source: architectureartdesigns

mussel nautical decor diy ideas

Nautical Decor for Bedroom

Mosquitoes are among the unpleasant sides of summer and can spoil your dinner on the balcony. You can prevent this problem by making your home-made nautical scent escape.

  1. In a glass jar drop a few branches of mint, rosemary, basil, lavender and lemon slices.
  2. Fill the jar half with water and drop 10 drops of citronella essential oil.
  3. Tie a canteen ribbon on the jar neck and optionally place a candle on the water.
  4. Keep the jar near you. Do not worry – the aroma is refreshing for you, only mosquitoes contrasted. See more ideas on our Pinterest.
bedroom nautical decor ideas
image source: thethinkingcloset
Best bedroom nautical decor - bedroom boat

Take a look at this inspiration bedroom interior design ideas to help make your bedroom stylish and contemporary.

Beautiful grand bedroom nautical deor
Source: HuffPost

Nautical decoration can be used in many places; not only in houses & bedrooms; you can find it in the most expensive hotels. Where they use the charm of the nautical decor to decorate the place and add colors and splendor of marine life to the ceilings, walls, chandeliers, and even carpets.

Decorating children’s bedrooms in the nautical style has become one of the simplest yet cutest ideas recently. Where you can get one of the posters for a cartoon movie character and use it as a special theme for the room; like the characters of Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid. You can use all the objects from above to add style to the theme. Nautical decor can always bring a chill and peaceful feelings especially to those who love the beach. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

nautical decor kids bedroom
image source: copycatchic


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